Radio technology

Radio technology in the transmission of time and space is not limited to the radio wave as the main medium, using the role of frequency to achieve the transmission and reception of signals. At present, radio technology has become a very important part of our life, and has been widely used in many fields, and has achieved good results, fully reflects the importance of the application of radio technology in modern society.

Basic technical principle

From the point of view of communication, radio technology eliminates the constraints of time and space. In the propagation medium, radio waves are selected to transmit information. The transmission signal and the corresponding receiving process are aided by frequency variation. Fundamentally, radio technology is constructed according to the mechanism of electromagnetic waves. In the conductors, the electromagnetic field will synchronize with the current fluctuations, and the radio waves based on this will be replaced, showing regularity. After the modulation step, the current is converted into precise information and attached to the medium. After transmitting and receiving the information, the conductor will change its original magnetic field state, thus identifying the current variation during each stage. Once sufficiently transformed, it can be used to transmit information.

In particular, radio technology consists of waveforms of different lengths, such as long, short, and medium waves. In contrast, each length of the waveform has unique transmission advantages, but also contains defects. Over time, radio transmissions have evolved from conventional forms of transistors to integrated circuits, which have since spawned microwave transmissions. In the current stage, radio can choose a new way of digital transmission, with the help of mobile devices. Radio technology is being integrated into a full range of production and daily life, reflecting the value of application. It has been applied in many fields. Thus, the radio technology in the present era embodies an indispensable significance.

New era applications

1, for the transmission of data

From an operational point of view, radio can be used to transmit more data. This property is more fundamental, is not missing. In the present stage, the rapid progress of microcomputer technology has increasingly strengthened the use of radio in the field of transmission, expanding its performance. Under the path of a radio, a device can be connected to transmit a message. In doing so, the data cable is eliminated. In addition, if you want to get more accurate and fast information transmission, you can also use Bluetooth or infrared.

2. For navigation and radar

Radio technology has identifiable properties and can be used for navigation. Radios are equipped with equipment that includes recognition capabilities and can identify objects. For induction recognition, a radar system or satellite navigation is constructed. In these areas, radios are widely used to identify objects accurately. For weather prediction, national defense, and military, radio has shown unique discriminative properties. In fact, once the waves reach the radio device, they trigger a corresponding magnetic response. At this point, the converted radio signal is transmitted and used for precise navigation.

3. For daily communications

Within the range of communication, the transmission of information or data can be attached to the sound wave to achieve sound transmission. The communication field is equipped with the radio transmission mode includes the broadcasting station, the government office field, the military and other fields. In the process of signal transmission, TV or telephone can also be used to complete the set transmission mode. In an emergency, radio can also be used to transmit signals quickly. For example, long waves in radio can pass through obstacles and cause a small induced current. In this state, it also prevents widespread radio loss.

The development trend

Under the general trend of technological progress, radio is being integrated into all aspects of daily life and is widely accepted. For example, national defense and military, radar detection can not be missing; Radio is also used to predict the climate. New means of radio detection are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. Unconsciously, radio has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Radio equipment has been installed in various areas, but it is still not perfect. For the development of technology, there is still a wide space for expansion. To advance the benign progress, we must improve the practical effect of radio application from all aspects. Promote technological innovation, and show the unique application value of radio technology.

In future development, radio technology will cover a wider range of digital communications, fully deploying spectrum resources in various regions. From the system point of view, it can also ensure the multi-level stability. After a comprehensive improvement, the radio transmission can avoid the interference signals of the various processes, and the information will be more secure. The construction of broadband information is the general trend of technological progress. To improve the transmission technology, it is necessary to equip the advanced network with higher permeability. In recent years, broadband is becoming popular in all fields, and it is necessary to promote the construction of higher level of broadband. In this way, the total information capacity can be expanded to the maximum, and users can also obtain more stable information. For long-wave antennas, it is necessary to reduce costs, expand communication capacity, and on this basis to explore new bands.

Within the scope of communication technology, informationization and matching technology need to be widely implemented. Only after the construction of information, can we prevent and control the sudden blocking signal and accelerate the daily transmission speed. In addition, it should be equipped with a full range of radio supervision, according to the set regulations to regulate its operation. The spectrum resources should be managed in an orderly way and properly used. Only by doing so can we maintain the order of radio services and save radio resources.


Military applications

Military cognitive radio referred to as MCR, it refers to the use of cognitive radio technology in military. Its main functions include:

(1) Integration of electromagnetic environment perception and communication command. Military cognitive radio can be integrated to sense the electromagnetic environment and communication. Because each radio communication station, electromagnetic environment and cognitive radio at the same time, so can be induced by electromagnetic environment of radio network, because of the station has the characteristics of distribution of extensive, so can conform to the electromagnetic environment perception of full spectrum, full time and to meet the requirements of all regions, so as to achieve the electromagnetic environment perception and communication command.

(2) Managing the spectrum of military cognition. One of several technologies that the FCC has identified as having a significant impact on spectrum conflicts is managing spectrum. Military cognitive spectrum management takes cognitive radio technology as the basis, and adds the characteristics of electronic countermeasures, intelligence reconnaissance and fire support to the spectrum sensing capability, so that spectrum monitoring and spectrum management can be used simultaneously, so as to improve the scope of spectrum monitoring network and broaden the frequency band covered by spectrum management.

(3) Military anti-jamming communication. Military cognitive radio requires the radio station to be able to perceive the surrounding environment, so it is necessary to extract the characteristics of its jamming signals, select suitable anti-jamming communication methods according to the electromagnetic environment perception information, the characteristics of jamming signals and the requirements of communication services, so as to improve the anti-jamming ability of the radio station.

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