Radio comprehensive tester

Main features

●Wide frequency range, multiple measurement functions

●Multiple modulation functions such as single sideband modulation, pulse modulation and vector modulation

●Duplex test function and spectrum analysis function

●High power measurement function

●AC/DC power supply

Technical specifications

Carrier frequency range of radio frequency synthesizer 100khz~3000mhz

Output amplitude -136dbm~+6dbm

Single sideband phase noise≤-106dbc/hz (beyond 20khz from the carrier)

Modulation characteristic frequency deviation range 100hz~n×800khz, modulation amplitude 0~99

Single sideband modulation frequency range: 300hz~3khz

Pulse modulation on-off ratio ≥70db iq modulation bandwidth (3db) dc~10mhz

RF frequency meter frequency measurement range 100khz~3000mhz

RF power meter power measurement range 2mw~60w (continuous) or 150w (10s) /min)

The frequency deviation measurement range of the modulation meter is 0hz~100khz, and the modulation amplitude measurement range is 0~99.9

Single sideband demodulation bandwidth 50hz~20khz(3db)

The frequency range of dual audio synthesizer is 0.1hz~100khz (waveform includes: sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, square wave and pulse wave)

Level range 1mvrms~4vrms

Audio analyzer frequency measurement range 20hz~400khz voltage measurement range 0~30vrms

Distortion measurement range 0.1~100 digital storage oscilloscope frequency range dc, 20hz~100khz

Spectrum analyzer frequency Range 100khz~3000mhz Dimensions (W×H×D) (360×177×400)mm3

Weight is about 17kg Working temperature 00c~500c

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