R-type transformer


R-type transformer is a new show in a dry-type transformer product. Its iron core is made of a width and unity, and the rolled waist is made of a waist shape, and the cross section is circular, and it can be wound without cutting. Therefore, the resulting transformer has no noise, small leakage magnetic, low no-load current, low iron loss, and high efficiency; because the coil is cylindrical, the copper wire per circle is short, so the internal resistance is low, the copper is low Low temperature, low overload fluctuations, burst force than ring transformers; in addition, the secondary coils are widely wound by the skeleton made of flame retardant PBT engineering plastics, thereby high resistance, and good flame retardancy.

Effect of

R-type transformer with novel, unique structure, excellent electromagnetic properties are favored by more and more electronic industries. It is especially suitable for medical equipment, display equipment, audio equipment, and office equipment.

The origin of

R-type transformer is in the shape of a profile structure, his cross-section like a letter, so you have a R-type transformer.


R-type transformer can be used as a power transformer or isolation transformer for all electrical appliances.

1. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, small size, light weight, etc.

R-core, the material used is high-grade cold rolled orientation silicon steel sheet, iron core winding After the annealing treatment, the molecular structure of the silicon steel sheet is rearranged.

2. Ryded transformer is small, weightless

R-type transformer is used with no cutting iron core, using an orientation height-numbered silicon steel sheet, thereby small size. Light weight (30% smaller than the EI transformer, 40%, thin 40%).

3. Ry-type transformer efficiency

Due to the iron loss, the iron loss is small, in the use of high quality materials and compact structures, the iron core is between the windings The distance is minimized, and the efficiency can reach more than 90%.

4.R transformer leakage magnetic smaller

R-type core has no magnetic gap and winding is balanced, and thus the magnetic magnetic can be small. No need to design any anti-reverse leakage measures.

5.R type transformer Noise Noise Product Heat

Since the R type transformer is wound with no cutting core, the orientation is made of high-grade silicon steel sheet, with a uniform circle Dial and continuous winding, resistance loss and heat generation are very low, and because there is no cut, magnetostrictive stress is easily absorbed, thereby ensuring no noise in the application.

6.R transformer excitation current small

R-type transformer design is reasonable, and thus has a low iron loss, low heat generation, excitation current and energy consumption.

7.R-type transformer safety coefficient high

Due to its unique design, separate the primary and secondary skeletons, excellent insulation performance, mutual separation made of flame retardant materials The skeleton can meet the standards of any country.


Transformer components include equipment (iron core, winding, insulation, lead), transformer oil, fuel tank and cooling device, pressure regulating device, protection device (hygroscope, Safety airway, gas relay, oil storage cabinet and temperature measuring device, etc.) and outline casing.


1.R transformer Impact Current

When the transformer secondary open, the primary plus rated voltage is instantaneous, the primary current has an instantaneous The impact process, called the impact current. The impact current duration is very short, and this current will last 1/4 to 1/2 cycle, which is 5 ms ~ 10ms, which will enter a steady state.

10 times the rated current within a few milliseconds does not damage the insulating material and the winding.

The impact current unique to the R-type transformer is relatively large, and the impact current has the following methods:

(1) can reduce the magnetic flux density of the core B < / i> M, increasing the number of primary windings W , causing the transformer to reduce the degree of core saturation when air-load, thereby reducing the impact current, but its premise is sacrificing the power of the transformer.

(2) The R-type transformer having a large power can be used to reduce the impact current in the outer layer, the secondary winding around the inner layer.

2. Protection of the R-type transformer

Transformer protection, overcurrent protection can be divided into short-circuit protection and overload protection, the fuse can only serve as a short circuit protection, targeted Question, the fuse used by the transformer primary can take a delayed fuse, or its rated current is taken to 3 to 3.5 times the rated current of the transformer.


The no-load loss of the R-type transformer is very low, and can meet the increasingly strict requirements of the power part of the world, and it is especially suitable for almost no load. The power transformer that is necessary to energize for a long time.

R-type transformer is particularly low, there is a good isolation effect, and the output power is large. R-type transformers manufactured using high-precision winding machines use highlighted performance in instrumentation or audio equipment, can improve the noise ratio in the equipment, isolating the plurality of harmonic interferences of the device to the device, can make the loss of the sound Decline, dynamic increase, improve sound quality.

R-type transformer has the advantages, widely used in industrial control, household appliances, advanced audio, signaling devices, office equipment, communication equipment, test instruments and medical instruments.

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