QQ color drill noble

synonym QQ color diamond general refers to QQ color diamond nobles

business profile

color drill is Tencent pat network to officially launch shopping privileges for pat network buyers, color drill icon will be Tencent seven diamond business, rendering in the latest QQ client version. After May 5, 2010! "

color drill, but there is no need to pay, just get the color drill, you can get the color diamond, and have a colorful identity in the QQ client. Have a lot of color drill, you can also enjoy a lot of shopping discounts: free trial, exclusive discount shopping ...

function and privilege

QQ Color diamond nobles (1)

1: What is a color drill. How to get?

The color drill is the identity of the pat network buyer, used to show the growth level of the buyer in the pat network. There is a similar system of Tencent business such as yellow diamond, member, and green drill. The difference is that the color drill is not required to pay, only you need to shop online, at the same time, you must use TenPay payment to get a lotus diamond, and you will show it in your QQ client.

2: What privileges have to have a lottery?

Color diamond users can enjoy the three major fields of exciting privilege:

shopping privilege (discount exclusive, try trial, every nine must grab, red envelope)

< P> QQ privilege (farm package, member privilege, Q bean privilege)

Life privilege (movie ticket discount, online food discount, etc.)

3: Light color drill requires charge NS?

The color drill does not need to charge.

The light color drill is completely determined by your own shopping behavior, and you will also light up while patting shopping.

4: How does the color drill light?

Old buyer definition: Users who have a test of Tetrane shopping behavior before April 7, 2010.

Old buyers' way to light color drill: You can activate your own color diamond by color drill point (May 5th) to activate your color drill; can also be on April 7, 2010 After that, shopping in the pat network, and use TenPay payment, the color drill will be lit through the new version of QQ after May 5.

New Buyer Definition: April 7, 2010 before the shooting without TenPay shopping behavior.

New buyer's way to light color drill: must be shopping online after April 7, 2010, and use TenPay payment, you can pass QQ new on May 5th. The version is lit.

5: How does the color diamond growth value calculate?

The relationship between the color drill growth and the shopping is specifically refer to the table below:

Note: Single score is the color diamond growth value obtained by the shopping behavior.


single amount (yuan) single score

1 ~ 50 50

51 ~ 150 100


single amount (Yuan) single score

1 ~ 50 30

151 or more 90

6 : How is the color diamond growth value into a color diamond level?

The color diamond growth value is divided into color drill level, as follows:

Color diamond growth value color diamond grade

1--150 lv1

< P> 150-510 lv2

511-1200 lv3

1201-3000 lv4

3001-6000 lv5

reserved LV6 < / p>

Reserved LV7

What is the relationship between the color drill and buyer credit, what is the difference?

The color drill growth system is a comprehensive upgrade of the "Lift Credit, Enjoyment".

"Lifting Credit, Enjoy" to distinguish the buyer level by buyer credit, enjoy different privileges;

color drill to distinguish the buyer level, enjoy Different privileges.

The color drill growth value is obtained by the user's shopping behavior in the pat network (the purchase amount is more than 10 yuan, including mobile phone recharge).

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