Qingcheng outside mountain scenic spot

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Scenic Area is one of the four Buddhist monarchs in Sichuan, with Qingcheng Shan Road, facing the palace, has always become a religiousologist, archaeologist, literati ink , Tourism pilgrimage. Qing Fengshan under the green city of Sichuan Qingcheng Golf Course, creates a romantic sentiment in the blend of oriental and international style water milk, making the Qingcheng outside the best place to meet the meeting of noble entertainment fitness and successful people. The newly implemented thousands of acres of lotus gardens is magnificent, and the Temple, Qingcheng Golf is three-legged, forming an elegant and magnificent Sichuan tourism.

surrounded the goal of building a "high-quality residential community, high-level social platform",

Qingcheng outside the mountains have become a tourist sightseeing, fitness, and investment in industrial.

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  • can take 102 bus from Dujiangyan Passenger Transport Center Qingcheng outside mountain scenic spot

  • Long-distance cars

  • can reach the long-distance bus from Dujiangyan Li Bingzi as opposite.

  • Geographic location

    is located in the Temporary Expressway and 106 National Highway

    close to the US Golf Course and Sichuan Foreign Language School


    Legendary Story

    Qingcheng Mountain Puliti Temple Legend Story

    Puji Temple is called "Golden Flower "Temple", is the ancestral temple, which is a family abandonment, is a poor little temple built by a family. It is not a good to raise the ribbon. It is a little poor temple, but in Qianlong. After thirty years, suddenly Daxing civil, wide fields, arrived before the Daogang twenty-nine years ago, through the continuous expansion of more than a hundred years, the Temple became one of the four jungles in Sichuan, which is known. According to estimates, this time The construction cost of Pulsi Temple is above the two gold and silver, and the Temple Turbinate: Unspeakable, if this is a huge cost? This is the last generation of people. The Puliti Temple suddenly became a mystery.

    Chengdu folks have flowed a folk song: "Stone cattle against stone drums, silver millions. "This folk has hidden a huge historical mystery. The legend of Zhang Xianzhong uprising, overthrowing the rule of Ming Dynasty in Sichuan, established his own farmers' political power" big Westward country ". Later, the Qing soldiers entered the customs, Sichuan has a year-on-year mix Zhang Xianzhong had to quit Chengdu, "the big West" was destroyed by Wu Sangui. When Zhang Xianzhong defeated, Zhang Xianzhong defeated the Chengdu, hide the "big Westward country", in order to find the treasure of the treasure in the future, not Due to a long time, I designed the stone and stone drums. Who found the stone cow stone drum, it is possible to find the mysterious treasure of "Taxi Country". Therefore, there are many mystery around the treasure. Legend of the legend and guess. There is a saying that the treasure is buried in the Jinjiang River. It is also said that the treasure will sink into the Minjiang River. It also believes that Zhang Xianzhong's treasure is buried in Qingcheng Mountain. And even some people also took out the treasure map. Many people were eager to try. In fact, I've been looking for Zhang Xianzhong Tibet that is not a day, and after the Dear country is destroyed, some people start treasure hunt, in the anti-Japanese war During the period, Chengdu has established Jinjiang Taoyin Company, and the big Zhangqi, the big Zhangqi under the nine-eyed bridge, after more than a year of hard work, there is a stone, a stone drum, a stone drum, truthful, prove The legend of the folk songs is not fake. But continue to put it down, but I can't see the treasure shadow. I can't move it. I have to clarify Zhang Xianzhong Tibet's secret. First of all, I must know that Zhang Xianzhong has no need for the treasure. Legend of the Trial University established At the beginning, Zhang Xianzhong took him the Qi Zhenbao, especially the Humble Treasure of Ming Chengdu Royal Remix, and held a Treasure General in Huangcheng, 24 houses filled with odd treasure, gold silver ingot The purpose of its purpose in order to showcase the extravagance of the Emperor Country and the gentleman; on the other hand, show off his rich. But this caused the attention of the world, waiting to go to the country to die, no one wants to get this treasure. Base When the Daxie military soldiers defeated Chengdu, more than ten big boats were departed from Xinjin. They were shut down along the Minjiang River. In Pengshan, the chain of the Qing army was pre-buryed. The soldiers of the Queen countries escort will not live in the Qing army. The siege, so the chisel is chisel, abandoning the boat, escaped. The Qing army has long known that Zhang Xianzhong has a lot of gold and silver to take away from Chengdu, thinking that it intercepted the Yao Baobao, ecstatic madness, not completely sinking Some big boats found that the boat was loaded with a stone. Since Zhang Xianzhong's treasure has disappeared with the disappearance of the generals of the University, the Mystery of Treasure is still a generation of every person who pays attention to this thing. Especially Chengdu and Xinjin The quantity of the big West China "Da Shubao" coins and silver ingots are more likely to see the treasure. Zhang Xianzhong's fortified treasure is hidden in Chengdu or Chengdu, and there are more anecdivers about Qingcheng Mountain. Human Mystery.

    One of the odd cases

    Puji Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the Town of Qingcheng Shanji, the earliest temple has not been Investigation, only the Lingyuan Temple is destroyed in the end of the army. In the 32nd year of the Qing Dynasty (1873) Dujiangyan Gongsheng high, "Puji Temple "Source" said: "The temple can't live in the dynasty, and the world has a pass, and it is full of fire. "Clearly pointing that the Puliti Temple is born by Zhang Xianzhong. The Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty began to recover, it was a simple small temple that only occupied an area of ​​half acres. In the middle of Qianlong, about 1777 years, the Temple begins to expand. Daoguang years, Fangxuan Jian Mountain Under the circumstances of the people from all walks of life, suddenly Daxing civil, cultivated 400 mu, the temple is five, and the 24 heavens with the twenty-four days of the sky, and the 365 room owners of the same number of Zhou Tiantian, with the twenty-four worlds. The large temple. If there is no tens of thousands of silver is difficult to built. According to the regular channel, it is because of God. Clear and Tuan During the year (1868), the Qianxian of the Yixian County, "Reconstruction of the Temple and Jian Tibet The article said in the article said: "Daoguang Geng Zi, the main part of Jian Jian Mountain, the ancestors of the people, the sincerity of the real merits, the sky, that is, the winter shows the mysterious, mountain cracks out , Don't worry, don't bother, so you can see you. Lingfeng is still re-emergence due to old bases, does not respected, and the Guangsha dozens of people. "I have tried dozens of houses, they are" magic ", the stone is cracking, not carved, do not carry, I will go to the site, and I have caused a large temple, which is absolutely impossible. Another statement of the folk circulation is that when the Temple of the Temple has a small monk when it is called fruit, when she cuts the pig grass with the Xueshan Temple adjacent to the Phuzu Temple, I found a place to be very lush, and today cut The next day, I quickly came out. This matter was known by her abbot, I know that I have different, I don't speak, I'm taking the temple monk excavation, but I dig out of the gold and silver! This has the capital of the Temple Daxing Civil Wood. Source.

    The two

    Zhang Xianzhong in Ming Chongzhen's 16th year (1627) overcome Wuchang's post-establishment of the Daxi regime. Chongzhen seventeen years (1628 The second time, Chengdu, Chengdu, I have died in Chengdu, and I will die in Sichuan in 1646. The West Political Right is only 18 years in Sichuan. In the past few years, Zhang Xianzhong, the most relying on the righteousness of Zhang Weiwang, the most relying on the Daxie Division Irrigation and Irrigation, and I have collected 300 stonemals to Qingfeng Mountain quarry in the Daguan Town. Qingfeng Mountain is a branch of Qingcheng Mountain. It is located in the territory of Dajie Town. The Temple is built in Qingfeng Mountain. Weird, Zhang Guowang supervisory number The stonemason quarry did not ship the mountain, and did not build any buildings or paved roads in the mountains. The quarry is half a year, but even the 300 stonemason has never seen the mountains, it disappears in Qingfeng Mountain. Reasonable explanation is that Zhang Guowang may Feng Zhang Dianzhong confident, in Qingfeng Mountain, the stone is covered, secretly dig the cave or build the palace, which is used to Tibet, because according to the development of the Times, the general political power has been in jeopardy, and the flourishing treasure is a matter of reason. Probilizes Zhang Xianzhong It is a very difficult thing if the Qing army has destroyed the big West, and it is very difficult to restore. It is necessary to bury the treasure for a long time. It is necessary to bury the treasure in the future. Milked stone or used to repair the floor, or bruises a cave, it is also possible Has hidden in a hill. And the stone craftsman, all kill the extinguishing port. Although Zhang Xianzhong Qingfeng Mountain quarry mystery is unmanned, but there are a few things to linked with Tibet. One, the stone rumors built by Puchuang Temple It is the power of the gods, and the mountain cracks are like the Qing Dao language. But it is very likely that the Puji Temple monks accidentally discovered the stone of Zhang Xianzhong. Second, the Temple not only discovered the stone, but also found Zhang Xianzhong's Tibetan treasure. Third, Li Dingguo is Zhang Xianzhong's most loyal part. The logistics of grain and grass is Zhang Xianzhong's finance and logistics minister. And the Ministry of Li Dingguo - Later, the heart of the Pulsi Temple, the heart of the monk. The Temple, who has not been repaired, creating a base industry and starting from him to the Temple of Temple. He has two possibilities in the Temple of Thaeli: One may go to Qingfeng Mountain Protection, Feng Li, the country to protect the Tibetan Guo Bao; the other may be the secret of him knowing Tibet, waiting to take treasure in Qingfeng Hill. Ancient and modern China and foreign countries, constantly carry out the game of Tibet and treasure hunt. Most of the treasurer is a highhany, but they must not only choose Tibet. The ground, more ways to design a treasure, and doubt, set agency, true and false, virtuality, always After all thousands of thinking, do not leave traces, there is no loss. Let the treasure hunt to exhaust my life, I can't guess the soul of the treasure cloth. Such an example is too much.

    Easy to compete for

    After the Snow Mountain Temple opened the mountain, he sent a martial art. The Temple of Snow Mountain is also very special, and is not like a mortar like other temples, but is like a rivers and lakes. This trick is "Xiao Yun Sword" named after the ancestral lady of the mountain. This sword is less than enough, the sword 鞘 and the sword holder have seven gems, which is treasure of the Temple Temple of Snow Mountain Temple. Anyone who has this sword, is the Lord of the Snow Mountain Temple. However, after the Qing Dynasty, the neighboring Puliti Temple suddenly rose, and the "Xiaoyun Sword" of Snow Mountain Temple was unfortunately went, and she left the abbot's self-blame, and the clouds were swearing. I didn't look back, I have no news. The snow mountain temple also declined down, and it was weak. Later, the Snow Mountain Temple believed that this is the same next to Huahua Temple to change the name of the Temple: under the photo, the snow mountain can be distorted? So replaced the license, rename the Snow Mountain Temple as "Wu Yun Tang", intended to cover "Wu Yun" to block "Wongshu", and the Top Temple. The Puzu Temple is not willing to show weakness. When the temple is called the mountain name, it is called "Qingfeng Mountain - Puju Temple", take "Qingfeng" to "breeze", meaning "Qingfeng dispelling Wu Yun", then in turn Cave Snow Mountain Temple ...

    Xinlian monk's mystery

    Puji Temple digging out the treasure may be with Zhang Xianzhong Tibetan Treasure Treasure Related to the monk monk of the Montesson of the Puliti Temple. Zhang Xianzhong was killed, and his department will transfer the Li Dingguo to the north and south, and the Zhu Ming dynasty is a chamber of the chamber. It has played a banner of anti-Qing Dynasty, and the two lakes and two Guangshang have been more than 10 years. In the end of the Qing army Under the country, I will go to the Guizhen, Myanmar, adhere to the anti-Qing struggle. At this time, Xinlian has suddenly came to Qingfeng Mountain, and the Yin surname was also completed into the temple. According to legend, Xinlian and Sundians have been in Chengdu, and after several years, they are not intended to have their ideals, they will go to the famous Navi Temple in the name. When I don't want to arrive in Han, I've encountered a fire, leaving only one rubble. Yu Yu, the heart of the heart is resting under the trees, in the middle of the sky, see a high-insurior bone, the bronger is holding a red mahous horse, patted his shoulders: "Reporting the temple , 蓥 华 师 居 去 去 去 去 去 礼 礼 为 为 紧 为 为 礼 礼 为 为 为 为 为 礼 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为 为The man let the heart of the monk ride the red horse, and I will come to a place. I saw a few rooms in the house, and the ancestors of the Zuohuas were sitting in the house. Xinlian is still looking forward to seeing, suddenly a thunder, heavy rain, and wakes up the monk. Thunder, the cold rain, the heart of the heart is completely indiscriminated, trying to recall, recall the dream. Later, I was found in Qingfeng Mountain according to my dreams. This says that there is a disappointment, what is more, the Yin surname is extremely defeated, and there is no possibility of developing a big, and cannot attract the monk. There is also a legend, Xinlian and the "Golden Land" patterns of Qingfeng Mountain are fascinated by the hardships of the mountains, and they will open the mountains and the Miao Gate. This is also too mysterious, not credible. Only a reasonable explanation is reasonable, that is, Xinlian's monk is the department of Zhang Dingguo. He is sent to Zhang Dingguo, and has dive the Treasure of Qingfeng Mountain. If this assumption is established, many mysteries later in the Temple will be solved, and they do not attack. As a "protective man", Xinlian and Huahua Temple are covered with his duties. His mission may be to take care of the treasure, so that Zhang Dingguo will settle in the territory to fund and respond . However, it is unexpectedly, but I have been in Sanyu in a few years, I will take the aim of Tin Ting, and the army is flattering the Gui, the Daxie army is completely gray to smoke. Xinlian and still die, and finally died in despair and poverty, but he will definitely tell the disciples before death, as the generals of the Daxie army, with the "eight kings" Zhang Xianzhong and Li Dingguo's extraordinary life and experience. But I don't know why, Xinlian has not explained the treasure to the disciples, which may be related to him, want to make Tibetan treasures as a mystery, always rotten in his belly, or he thinks: Can the disciples can not be Discovering and using this Tibet, look at their fate, is the Buddha do not pay attention to fate? So until the heart of Xinlian is still in many years, the monk of the Puls Temple is inadvertently discovers the treasure. But the ancestors of Kaishan are the secrets of the General Sanitary army, but it is not advisable to say only in each resident and the abbot.

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