Qilian bitter tea


quality characteristics

Sichuan Junlian located in the northern edge of unique natural conditions, significant regional characteristics, the characteristics of a traditional process. 1-3 each using fresh leaves leaf bud early development; Product appearance tight cord, color green, bright green liquor color, bitter taste sweet, with a scent, bright Yedinenlv resistance brewing, fresh shoots whole. Water extract ≥45%, flavone ≥1.9%.


Ilex sweet, bitter, cold, hepatic, lung, stomach, there Shufeng heat, eyesight fluid effect for exogenous wind-heat, headache, tooth pain, red eyes, Ting ears, mouth sores, fever, thirst, diarrhea and dysentery. Pharmacological studies indicate that contains trace elements Kudingcha amino acids, vitamins and zinc, manganese, and other essential, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, coronary blood flow increasing action, myocardial ischemia, atherosclerosis and other anti .

Anger Wang Man and Ilex, especially "good fit", who generally have strong anger, irritability, dizziness, pain, red red eyes, mouth pain, dry mouth, tinnitus and hearing loss, insomnia or nightmares diverse , burning flank, short yellow urine and other symptoms. If in life, there are difficult to control irritable mood, mostly at night dreaming nightmares, fear and tension, you can determine a strong anger, medicine called "anger on the inflammation." Can be soaked in water to drink with Ilex when this symptom.

However, it should be noted that, Ilex is a drug instead of tea, not long-term use, so as not to damage the liver and kidney function. Ilex taste bitter cold, disease patients and pregnant women suffering from chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, etc. not suitable for drinking. In addition, cold body of people but also to try to avoid drinking Ilex, because physical treatment are the most prominent feature is particularly cold winter, often feel cold hands and feet. This body of people like to eat lamb, dog and other warm food, but not easy to "get angry", but after drinking Kudingcha cold, and cold hands and feet symptoms will increase, not conducive to improving the physical treatment of serious even abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

producing environmental

landscape position

Sichuan Junlian located southern edge binding portion Chuandian Guizhou Plateau north, north latitude 27 ° 50 ' 37 "-28 ° 14'28", longitude between 104 ° 17'45 "-104 ° 47'20". North County border, east of Gong County, Yunnan Province, south of prestige, Yiliang County, west of Yanjin County, Yunnan Province. The thing grows 48.5 km north-south width of 43.4 kilometers, the total area of ​​1256.35 square kilometers. Terrain overall trend was South High North, the Department of the Sichuan Basin, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau transition zone.

vegetation soil

Junlian forest area of ​​65,560 hectares, the forest coverage rate of 52.18%. Junlian soil types soil five, six subgroups, 17 soil genera, species soil 61, 114 variants. Parent material having 7 lines 25 groups.


Junlian territory water aspect, a perennial river water 31, is a dry section of South Canton River system upstream of the Yangtze River have town boat, river patrol division, will be River, Le Yi River (muddy river), a total of 29; the case of the upper Changjiang Jinsha river water system has a head (i.e., heat ba), deer well ditch 2.

Junlian Sichuan Basin in the subtropical humid monsoon climate, warm climate, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons, winter and early spring, Xia Zhangqiu short, less frost. Light and heat abundant water resources, suitable for the development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and a variety of cash crops. When perennial sunshine 1064.4 hours, accounting for 25% of the time according to the number of available. Average annual temperature of 17.6 ℃, little annual variation. County rainfall interannual changes, uneven distribution season, the average annual rainfall of 1111.7 mm, mainly concentrated in May to September, accounting for 74% of annual precipitation. Junlian law is a humid area, the annual monthly average relative humidity between 76-86%, annual average relative humidity of 82% relative humidity also increases with increasing altitude. The total annual average cloud cover 8.4 percent. County mist throughout the year have appeared, mainly in the evening after the rain cleared. The annual average foggy days in about 10-15 days, accounted for three-quarters of autumn and winter, spring and summer accounted for a quarter. Superior geographical natural conditions, abundant rainfall, vast mountain resources, is very suitable for the growth of tea.

historical origin

Ilex than 2,000 years of history as a folk tradition of wild drinks in China. For a long time, people are drinking Ilex wild.

20 sporadic cultivation century after the 1980s, some farmers began Junlian around their houses, and gradually expand the number of products Kudingcha, remains the traditional process in the processing.

Until 1997, the town of Junlian double Teng Li, learn from green tea production technology, innovation and a new processing technology Ilex. Produced by the new process set drinking Ilex products, health care, watch as one, just put into the market, consumers quickly recognized and loved, selling various provinces and cities, particularly evident economic benefits. After ten years of development, junlian Ilex industrial area of ​​the first record, the first production, the market share of the first, the output value of the first "four first in the country," junlian known as "China's Kudingcha Township".

2013, there were media reports, renowned overseas "Hainan Ilex" suffered a "bitterness." At the same time, Sichuan Provincial Health Department submitted a "Request for Instructions on adjustment Oleaceae LIGUSTRUM Ilex ordinary food" (Chuan Wei letter [2011] No. 440) to the Ministry of Health, together with a detailed research report . The Ministry of Health responded that: "I agree with the Ministry of Oleaceae LIGUSTRUM [Ligustrumrobustum Blum (Roxb.).] Ilex ordinary food." Since then, Kudingcha the rapid development of the industry by leaps and bounds, only Junlian, Ilex annual output value exceeded 200 million yuan, farmers up to 10 million people. "Junlian Kudingcha" year brand value of 399 million yuan, Sichuan Province and received the honorary title.


2010 years later won Ilex junlian protection, Ilex new enterprise value of 40 million yuan, 120 new jobs, the county farmers' per capita income 200 yuan. Ilex base has grown to 5.7 million acres, producing approximately 1594 tons, accounting for more than 50% of Chinese production of Ilex, Ilex become the largest production base.

2015 years junlian Ilex planted area of ​​2.5 million acres, the output of up to 180 million yuan.

2017 years Junlian Ilex area of ​​10 mu, the output value of billion yuan.

Products Honor

In 2001, junlian Ilex China Food Industry Association was named "Chinese famous brand of tea."

In 2001, junlian Ilex won the second sector in Shanghai International Food Expo "Gold Award."

2009 years junlian Ilex Provincial People's Government awarded the "Sichuan Famous Brand" products title.

2010 Nian 12 31, the former State Administration of Quality Supervision approval of "junlian Kudingcha" the implementation of geographical indication protection.


geographical scope of protection

junlian Ilex protection of geographical indications of origin for the products range Sichuan Province Junlian present administrative regions.

technical quality requirements

(a) provenance

oleaceae Bauhinia Ligustrum lucidum and peduncle.

(II) site conditions

within the scope of 500 to 1,200 meters above sea level mountain. Yellow soil type, soil type yellow-brown, pH value 4.5 to 6.5, ≥55 cm soil depth, organic matter content ≥2.0%.

junlian Ilex (9)

(iii) the cultivation and management

1 plant breeding methods: asexual reproduction manner nursery.

2 planting seedlings: every year in February or November colonization. Seedling density per hectare ≤3 ten thousand.

3 fertilizer and water management: application of organic fertilizers ≥2.5 tons per hectare per year.

4 environment, safety requirements: pesticides, fertilizers, etc. must comply with the relevant provisions of the State shall not pollute the environment.

(d) harvesting

each year from February to April, the morning dew dry pick tea, tenderness requires less than two leaves and a bud or early development.

(e) process

Green fresh leaves booth → → → fixing → rolled wool fire baking → → foot rolled secondary fire baking → → product packaging

(f) quality Features

1 sensory characteristics: appearance tight cord, color green, bright green liquor color, bitter taste sweet, bright Yedinenlv, after brewing tea fresh complete . .

2 Physical Specifications: water extract ≥45%, flavone ≥1.9%.

3 safety requirements: Product safety indicators must meet the relevant provisions of the national similar products.

Special sign

Ilex junlian producer within the scope of product protection of geographical indications of origin, may make use of "geographical indication products Junlian, Sichuan Province Quality and Technical Supervision application-specific symbol ", by the Sichuan Provincial quality and Technical Supervision, approved by the AQSIQ announcement. Ilex junlian statutory testing organizations responsible for the Sichuan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision designated.

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