Chemical Description

Chemical : c 12 h 21 n 3 > O 3

system named : n6 - {[(2R, 3R) -3-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2h-pyrrol -2-yl] carbonyl} -l-lysine

N6 - [(2R, 3R) -3-methyl-3,4-dihydro-2-hydrozpyrrole-2-formyl] L-Lamine Acid





Discovery Process

8 researchers from two research teams from Ohio State University identify the world's 22nd natural amino acid-pyrolily alleysine (Pyrrolysine) encoded by genetic genes. Since 1995, the Krzycki Study Group has found an unexpected phenomenon in the study of methyl methane (MMA, DMA, TMA) methyltransferase gene: there is a box of ingredients in the gene. Take a codon a UAG. Under normal circumstances, the codon should issue a signal to stop the protein synthesis, but there is no synthesis of the protein in the gene. The Krzycki Study Group was studied by mass spectrometry and EDMAN degradation, indicating that the codon encodes a modified lysine. The research team led by Chan and HAO was studied by the MTMB crystal structure of MTMB crystal structure in methane bacteria ( Methanosarcina Barkeri ), found that the amino acid residue encoded by codon UAG The density is different from the amino acid residue encoded by other 21 codon, which is linked (4R, 5R) 4-pyrrolin, a carboxyl group (4R, 5R) 4-pyrrolin. So they said this newly discovered amino acid is L-pyrrolidine.

Biological action

Pyrrolidine found in the methane methylamine methyltransferase, it is known to participate in the amino acid of protein biological synthesis, with The standard amino acid is different, and it is formed by the determination of the determining codon UAG. In contrast, a specific pyrrolidyl-tRNA synthetase (PYLRS) and pyrrolidine TRNA (TRNA (superscript PYL)) are also different from classic TRNA. The formation of methane bacilles produces pyrrolidyl-tRNA (PYL-TRNA (PYL)) by direct pathway and indirect pathway (PYL-TRNA (superscript PYL)), which may also pass through the special structure on mRNA and other regular The mechanism controls the UAG encoding to terminate the codon or pyrrolidine.

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