Pukou Campus, Nanjing University


Pukou of Nanjing University, Nanjing University campus building for the school to provide a broad space for sustainable development in the new century, it forms Kaleidoscopic River and Drum Tower Campus, coordinated development new pattern of development. Pukou Campus "unified leadership, extension functions to strip the main campus of co-ordination" of the management system and operation mechanism, promote the school as the central task and strengthen leadership Pukou north campus, the school also set up to vice president in charge of teaching leader, school departments and faculties Pukou campus leaders to participate in the leading group, leadership, guidance and coordination Pukou campus teaching and management.


Since the school, Pukou campus has always been to "continue to improve the quality of personnel training" as the work starting point and goal, adhere to the " Cultivate the Person teaching focus "work guidelines, deepen the teaching reform, the implementation of responsibility system by the chief professor lecturing professors on the basis of class, to promote research heuristic teaching; academic science and technology festival organized every year by the students and the first half year culture and Art Festival held in the second half of college students, and provide a vast arena for the academic, scientific and technological, cultural and artistic activities of students; at the same time, a large number of open lectures and famous academician forums, focus on cultivating scientific literacy and humanistic spirit of college students, innovation and practical ability , formed a "strengthening broaden the base, early research training" features. Campus lively ideological education, organized by the Young Communist Party School students and schools to promote ideological and political work into the network, into the community, into the apartment of the "Three" and other work, and actively guide the healthy growth of students in politics; through campus students advance cleaner system, carry out the creation of outstanding class civilization and bedroom activities to promote school spirit civilization.


Over the years, Pukou campus construction and development deeply concerned about the community, came to Pukou campus visits, visited and inspected the leaders and guests at home and abroad flocked to . They spoke highly of the construction, management and school level campus of Nanjing University's high hopes for tomorrow. Professor Yang has worked three visits Pukou campus, and personally wrote an inscription: "Young people and the new campus of Nanjing University in the future," General Secretary Jiang Zemin put forward in order to achieve the " accomplishing the Nanjing University of teaching and research with international influence and distinctive Center "strategic objectives, Nanjing University is targeting a" comprehensive, research based, international, "the goal, and strive to create the world's high-level university, in pursuit of a number of years the Pukou campus into a green ecological, digital, garden style campus.


2009 In June 2009, Nanjing University Pukou Campus of the end of the historic mission. Nanjing University Jinling Institute of Pukou completely took over the campus, in writing a glorious past.

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