Public Security Association


works under the leadership of the grassroots people's government and public security organs. The city is established by organs, factories, enterprises, schools, and residents committees, and the rural areas are established.

The main task is

(1) to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizenship, comply with socialist legal system and improve vigilance,

Public Security Association

(2) Propaganda and organizing the masses to do a good job in safety precautions centered on anti-special, anti-theft, fireproof, prevention and disaster accidents, and participate in the comprehensive management of social security. (3) Reporting the damage of anti-revolutionary molecules and other criminal criminals.

(4) Assist the government to supervise criminals, education, saving, and transform minimal violations of criminals according to law.

(5) The masses have been launched, comply with the Security Convention and the security system. The public security defending committee was produced by the election.

Overall the public security and security committee in urban and rural areas play a huge role in assisting the public security organs to carry out the enemy struggle, launch and organize the masses to maintain social security.

This is one of the important measures of the party and the government to implement the mass line, relying on the masses to maintain and stabilize social security, consolidate and strengthen the important measures of the people's democratic dictatorship, is an important organization of basic work.

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