Prototype fund


The Protulm Fund was recognized as a legitimate charitable group in November 1998 and held a ceremonies in the same year on November 12th. In a policy donation plan that supports "life love action", the initiator Xiao Fangfang expressed deeply to the difficulties of charity fundraising, because of its establishment of the Prototype Fund, because of a elder donated its heritage 100 HK $ 100 is also developed.

Executive Committee

President : Ms. Josephine MBE

Chairman : Mr Pu Jinwen

Vice-Chair: Ms. Wu Yingying, Ms. Schnan Honor: Chen Yuwen

Honorary Sethike: Mr. Jin Ruisheng

Executive Committee: Ms. Chen Baozhu, Ms. Zhou Hai, Ms. Professor Zhang Jinfang, Ms. Zheng Yuli, Lawyer, Li Zhangbao, Mo Fengyi Taiping Gentleman, Chen Baoqiong Ms.

Honor: Dr. Lai Fushen, Professor Li Yonghao, Dr. Gao Yadong

Honor Editing : Ms. Fang Yanmin

Opportunities Legal Consultant: Zheng Muzhi Lawyer, Hu Baiquan Law Firm

The main purpose of

The main job of the protective medium is via the mass media, such as: Children's publications, TV programs, and some lectures are communicated to the public to gain social concerns to the public to prevent children's preventive infringement and the seriousness of childhood infringement and their seriousness of society.

Facilities and Services

Piece of Materialia Miao Fund in Shizhen Tail

Transmit to the promoter game, cartoon, wrap Drama and multimedia and other means provide sexual education courses, teaching students how to prevent sexual violations. The course is divided into primary (primary school two to third grade), high (primary school five to six) and junior high school.

Child Sexual Abuse Center

First Child Sexual Abuse Center in 2003. March 22 in the village of Nam Tai Shek Kip Mei Nanshan building was completed, the device including: interactive multi-purpose lecture hall 2 , Book Pavilion, Protective Wiring Telephone Room and Protective Chassis, Headquarters of "Protecting".

Protulm Book Cabinet

"Protecting Books" set up in Sha Tin Public Library in September 2001, providing a large number of books, research reports, clipping, and clipping, and Computer disc and video belts. This facility is supported by the Lend Cultural Services Department.

Protective Gift Shop

Selling books, VCD, keychain and dolls, etc.

Mass Fund Education Circuit

Mainly in the way in the way Hong Kong, Hong Kong is related to the information of preventing childhood infringement.

Pruno team

Mainly in the regional work of the Prototype Fund in Hong Kong, and organizes some regional publicity activities. Victims

Through the hotline violations of child sex:

Child Sexual Abuse Line

(2889-9933 hotline) And their families provide information, support and counseling services.

Primulation Research Center

Using questionnaires to visit different people to study the social phenomenon caused by the sexual invasion of adolescents and children.

The Social Events

The protective fund is often concerned about some social incidents with children's pornography and violating morality. The Chairman Xiao Fang has repeatedly expressed its opinion.

2001, the Materials Fund urges government legislation to regulate children's pornography. It is recommended that the government has established a more clear "children's porn item" definition; provide clearer legal disclaims; and prohibiting the use, promoting Or offers children aged 18, making pornography or participating in erotic performances. President Xiao Fangfang believes that Hong Kong film workers will not be seriously affected by legislative recommendations. In this day, in the movie "Evening Niang", an incestline that has been related to the 18-year-old youth and the post-back mother has caused complaints. In 2003, the Child Sexual Abuse Foundation told "Apple Daily" reported a Tsuen Wan a tutorial teacher arrested for sexual assault of students at the event photos of child sexual abuse reported publicly expressed dissatisfaction, also called on the Hong Kong media should carefully handle the same type news. In 2006, the Protulfur Foundation To the Popular Radio Program "Study Hall", the "Most I want to independent the artists" in the program, "Most I want to independent the artists", to complain to the Board of Management. In addition, the Mass Fund is also a 14-year-old member Li Yun, a 14-year-old member of Combination, and the female artist. The female artist Zhong Xintong is sneak shot in the event. The Convulsions Convulsion magazine "Turnover" and lettering the Movies and Television and Entertainment Affairs Management Office .

Media Cooperation

To develop public education and promotion activities, the Mass Fund is committed to bringing the information of "protects the seedlings" to the family in the mass media. As early as 1999, the Mauri Fund began as civil education in TV. Cases: "Happy", the child's heart child is intertwined. [6] After that, in the Hong Kong Radio, the "Protective Basic Law" and the new series of "Sex" parents series are combined with the Hong Kong Radio.

With the Protulm Fund's appeal and actively promoted, many performance arts people were invited to participate in a number of charity activities [7], such as movie star Zhang Guorong and Mo Wenwei use "protects the masser ambassador" identity set an example to encourage public participation "Sexual Abuse pioneer" program, in the form of HK $ 50 or more monthly contribution to support the funding of Child Sexual Abuse Foundation; also there will be a good year several stars as "Sexual Abuse super ambassador", such as: Jacky Cheung , Guo Fucheng and Liang Qiqi (2002); Actor Wu Zhenyu and Xue Kaiqi have participated in the character's educational courses designed for mental school children - "Xia Min's story" cartoon dubbing [8], and singer Twins, Huang Gongzhong and Fang Li Shenzhi Sexual education animation short film "Affe and A May" serve as dubbing work. [9] [10] Almost all invited to some star participation in multiple charity fundraising activities, especially for primary and secondary school students' propaganda and education, is more down under the star effect.

The largest fundraising event of the protective fund is a "protective Fund Star Hui Night" jointly organized by the wireless TV. He held in 1999, 2000 and 2004. Each of them invited a large number of star-rated artists to participate in the performance, including seven princess members, Chen Huilin, Yang Qian, Zhang Guorong, Zhang Xueyou, Liu Dehua, Liang Chao Wei, Lin Zixiang, AUFC, Chairman Xiao Fangfang. At the same time, a group of genius children's performance project will also be invited.

The late singer Zhang Guoyong, has always been enthusiastic to assist the Materials Folk, a number of contributions and the fundraising activities of the Protion Fund. [14] for some reason, many people also inherit chi after it passed away. On May 11 and 12, 2003, the Hong Kong Film Workers Association and the Lend Cultural Services Department held the "Ratelessness, Burning Your Hua Guolong" Charity Film Remnant to recall Zhang Guorong's film work to commemorate his death, and Sed to half of the income of the drama to the protective fund; September 10, 2003, held by Shangkai, Yang Xue, Mei Yanfang, Eason Chan, etc. "Continue Zhang Guorong" Charity Concert will donate all children cancer The disease fund and the shelf funds are charity use; in December 2003, the non-profit group registered by Hong Kong fans "Red Mission continues to Zhang Guo Yang Fai International Alliance" to carry forward the spirit of Zhang Guorong actively participate in public welfare charity activities. From September 11 to 24, 2006, Red Mission will host the income of "Continue to Zhang Guorong Day Commemorative Charity Charity" to donate to the protective fund.

Feifei Yun Charity Cantonese Concert (2001)

"I want to fly" Song Drama Charity Night (2002)

protective Ambassador Support Msiki Selling Action (2002)

Comic Square Works (2002)

Book Exhibition Ying Sale (2002)

Qiong Yao Le Yun 颂Protulm (2002)

Star complimentary (2002)

Hermes La Prairie scarves (2003)

master care Miao 2003 Environmental and Social Sphere (2003, co-organized with the city Golf Club)

Child Sexual Abuse flag day (2005 and 2006)

"Wait'til You're Older" Key Chains charity义 (2005)

"Times Square Lemon Festival" - Charity Charity (2005)

"Hancheng Raiders" Hong Kong Premiere and Materialia Fund Charity Dinner (2005

"Times Square Christmas" Charity Charity (2005)

Love Le Yun Yuji Charity Cantonese Party (2006)

"Night Banquet" Hong Kong Premiere and Mass Fund Charity Dinner (2006)

Education Activities

Protecting Music Carnival (2004)

protective lace post Action (2005 and 2006)

Jumping mulberry (2005 and 2006)

fundraising activities

protects the seedling fund On June 6, 2009 (Saturday) Selling flag fundraising in Hong Kong Island. Successfully raised more than HK $ 500,000 in the development of "Protective Education Courses". [15]

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "Protective Fund", as well as funding for the upcoming "High School Massive Educational Education Course", "Protecting Fund" is fortunate to win the title sponsors sky Group, performing groups, "the Hong Kong dance" full support of its September 24 debut of the new works - obtained from large-scale dance drama income "evil", the full contribution "Child Sexual Abuse Foundation" for the funding of use. It is evening guests and celebrities, including a very kind art, who have been in a ten years or is about to be "protects the seedlings", and they have taken the congratulations, and they are "the Ms. Xiao Fang", the President of "Protecting Fund", and in the field The "VIP Stamp Set" was awarded to two Ms. Xue Jiayan and Mr. Zhang Xueyou. [16] [17]

Mass Fund theme song

Mr. Zhang Xueyou - "Protecting Miao" [18]

Miss Liang Qiqi - "Little Nobody" [19]


Jiulongshi Tail Nanshan Village Nanjinglou Ground 1-12

Kowloon Stone Tail Nanshan Village South Thai floor underground 1-12
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