Protection of animals at the national level

Protection List

Protective Output

Large Light: A Bee Monkey, Hae Monkey, Taiwanese Monkey, Nitan Dolphin Tail Monkey, Xishan Longail Leaf Monkey, Indided Gray lactal, black lactal, Philippine monkey, wearing cap, white, white, white, white monkey, 滇 金 猴, 金 猴 猴, 金 丝 猴, Nujiang Golden Monkey, Xi-Yongni long arm, Dongbai eyebish, Gao Li, Gao Li Gong white eyebin long arm, white palm gibbon, Western black crown long armo, east black crown long arm, Hainan gibbon, north white white white white white white white white white white white white cheeks ": Indian wearing mountain armor > Eskille: 豺, Malay Bear, Big Panda, Zikra, Moon, Big Spirit Cat, Big Ling Cat, Little Lad Cat, Bear Caucas, Tangua, Singer Cat, Desert Cat, Jungle Cat, Gold Cat, Cloud Leopard, Leopard , Tiger, Snow Leopard, Western Pacific Pacific Seal

Changnunk: Asian Like

Skiro: Plaza Wild Horse, Mongolian Wild, Tibetan Wild

Wild Hobei: Wild Camel, Wirley Deer, Anhui, Lin Musk, Homer, Black, Himalaya, Origin, Black, Dolphin, Plum, Tibet (including white hip deer), Tarim Horse Deer, Wharu, Bai Lipper, Elk, Mustel, Bison, Java Bison, Wild Yak, Monteraka, Puzhi Auto, Tibet, High Nightny Antelope, Qinling Tia Cow, Sichuan Tak, Bremenia Cow, Gongshan Tiaol, Trumpled Himala Yasa, Tal Sheep, Tibet, Taiwan's Tibet, Himala Ya 鬣 鬣 鬣 鬣 雅 雅

Rodge: Beaver

Sea Cowmark: Confucius

Whale: North Pacific Dwed Whale, Gray Whale, Blue Whale, Small Whale, Prestinal Whale, Buckwei Whale, Village Whale, Long Whale, Fangwei Whale, White Dolphin, Ganta Dolphin, Chinese White Dolphin, Yangtze River Porpoise, Smelt Whale


Chicken-shaped: Sichuan Mountain, Hainan Mountain, Spottar, Black Ports, Dark Chicken, Red Throat, Yellow Throat鹑, black corner, red chest angle, gray abdominal angle, yellow gout, brown-tail, white tip, white tail, blue belly, blue belly (blue), brown horses, white The long tail of the neck, black neck long tail, black long tail, white champion, Hainan, Hygrovo, green peacock

geese: Youth duck, Chinese autumn sand duck , White-headed duck

pigeon shaders: small dove

鸨鸨 目: 大 鸨, 波 鸨, 小 鸨

crane-shaped: White Crane, White Pillow Crane, Chi-neck Crane, Dand Crane, White Head Crane, Black Neck Crane

鸻鸻: Small Church, Spoon Mouth, Black Northern Gull, Listel, China , Huangzuihe Yinnai

鹱鹱: Black feet, heaven, short-tailed heaven

形: 鹳, black stork, white stork, oriental white stork

鲣 鲣 目: White Bafflers Bird

鹈形: Blackhead White, White Shoulder Black, Zhu Yu, Color, Black Face Spoon, Hainan, White Forery, Huang Mouth Algi, White Pelican, Pelican, Volume Pelican

Eagle Type: Hu Yili, White Back, Black, Vulture, Wushu, Grassland Carving, White Shoulder Vulture, gold carving, white abdomen seavar, jade belt seavar, white-tail sea carving, Tiger head sea carving

鸮鸮:, Sichuan Linyi

hornbill Type: White Throat Hornbill, Crown Belt, Crown Hornbill, Brown Kinds, Flower Crown Crumber Horn Bowl

目: Hunting, Liao

Typical: blackhead dredge, gray crowns, golden, black mountain noise, white spot noise, blue crown noise (冠 鹛 鹛), black crown, gray chest, brown Songs, chestnut belly, yellow chest


turtle: Burmese Tortoise, Intake Tortoise, Sika Tortoise, Red Turtle, Green Turtle , 玳瑁, 太 洋, 鼋,

has a scaly: big ear sand lizard, crocodile lizard, Bangladesh giant lizard, round nose lizard, Tibet Springs snake, Shangri-La Springs snake , Sichuan hot spring snake, Mountain tip snake

crocodile: 子鳄

two 纲

has the tail: Anji Xiaoxi, China Xiaozi, the list Mountain Xiaoyan, Cat Mountain Small, Pu Xiong, Liaoning Claw, Town Sea Rocky

Hard Bone Fish Plate

Storm: Chinese Sturgeon, Yangtze River, 鳇White sturgeon


鲤形: Northern copper fish, flat fish

鲇 鲇: Long silk 𩷶

Squirting: Chuanshan Zorizhe 鲑

形: Yellow lips

Intestinal Outlet

Pretty insects: Muke Confucius, Huangdao Changzi


蛩蠊蛩蠊: Chinese 蛩蠊, 陈 西 蛩蠊

lepidoptera: Golden spotted phoenimeter

double shell

curtain: big 砗磲

head office

parrot matt: Nautilus

Coral Outlet

Soft Culture: The Red Coral Corporation has

Criminal Law stipulates

"Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Three hundred and forty-one [illegal hunting, killing precious, endangered wild animal sin; illegal acquisition, transportation, sale of precious and endangered wild animals, precious, endangered wild animal products] illegal hunting, killing national key protection, precious, endangered Wild animals, or illegal acquisition, transportation, precious, endangered wild animals and their products, is sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention in five years, and severe circumstances, the circumstances are less than five years Insured, fined; the plot is particularly serious, more than ten years of imprisonment, and punishment or confiscation of property.

illegally hunting crime】 violates the hunting rules, hunting in the banner, the former reunion or the use of disabling tools, the method is hunted, the wildlife resources, the circumstances are serious, and the sentence is less than three years. Criminal detention, control or penalty.

"Severe circumstances", "The plot is particularly serious" quantity standard:

Here listed here is the national level protected animal quantity standard, if you want to view the national secondary protector Quantity identification criteria see the national secondary protected animal entry.

February 5, 2021, the new national key to protect the list of wildlife, add 517 kinds of wild animals, large spotted cats and other 43 species of national level protection wildlife; 65 of the Yangtze River Park and other 65 national second-level protected wildlife are promoted to the national level.

Endangered animals

National first-level protector (4)

The 20-year environment has grown sharply in 1980, and many species are endangered or extinct. This severe situation has forces people to pay attention to environmental problems; the following is the endangered animals in China, and the existing quantity of the national first-level protected animals. This group of data tells you how the situation has been serious.

滇 金 猴 .................. 750

South China Tiger ................... 70

Northeast Tiger ..................... 20

White Folder ................... On August 8, 2007, the report was published in the "Royal Association Biomedum" journal, officially announced white fin dolphin function extinction.

鳖 ....................... 3

Classification and Representative Animals


Giant Panda

belongs to the mammalian panda genus. The body is like black bear, the head is large, the tail is short. Torso and tail white color, two ear, eyes and limbs full black. Often sleeping in the bamboo forest, usually actually active, slow, tempered, listening, visuality, weak self-defense ability.

Perching the high mountain bamboo forest at sea level, mainly with bamboo shoots, bamboo leaves and tender bamboo tip, and also hiped wild fruit or some animal food.

is only produced in Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, is a world-class precious species.

Malay Bear

Alias ​​Bear, Sun Bear, belongs to Xiongke, known as HELARCTOSMALAYANUS.

Malay Bear is the smallest type of bears, with a body length of about 50 cm, and the weight is about 50 kg. The body is short, the head is short, the eyes are small, the nose, the lip is bare hair, the ear is small and the neck is wide. Full body short velvet, black smooth; nose and lips are brown, eyeliner, chest with a brown yellow horseshoe block. There is a symmetrical coax in both shoulders, and there is also a hairy in the center of the chest spot. The tail is equal to the ear, and the toe is a short-scale.

Perched in tropical, subtropical rainforest, seasonal rain forest, mainly distributed in Indonesia, Malay Peninsula, Myanmar and other places. In 1972, the number of border mountains in Yunnan, my country was very small.

is produced in the south of Yunnan.

Aquatic animals


alcohamen, belongs to the Subaiko, known as DugongDugong.

The body of the Gurong is spindle, about 3 meters long, weighs 300 ~ 500 kg. The whole body has a sparse short body. There is no obvious neck, the head is smaller, the upper lip is like a horseshoe shape, the kiss is protruding with bristles, two approximately round breathing holes are listed on the front end of the head; there is no outer auricle, the ear holes are located behind the eye. There is no fins, the fin limbs are elliptical. The tail fin is large, the flat is flat, and the trailing edge is a fork, no fault. A pair of breasts under the fin limbs. The back is dominated by dark gray, and the abdomen is slightly.

Confucius is a marine herbity beast. Its distribution is closely related to the water temperature, the seafront, and the seaweed distribution as the main food. There is no more than about 20 meters from the coast. Sometimes, when you enter the river, you will return to the sea after feeding, rarely travel to the sea. With a family of 2 to 3, live in the bottom of the seaweed area in the concealed condition, and the water is taken regularly, often recognized as "Mermaid" surface, giving people a lot of beautiful legends.

Confucius is a marine animal that has been evolved from the land of land, has been severely killed, and resources are damaged, and it is urgent to strengthen protection.

is produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Taiwan.


Asian image

alias India icon, elephant, wild icon belongs to pictures, known as Elephasmaximus.

is the existing maximum land animal, the most distinctive specialization, is also the most legendary color is the length of about 2 meters, bending, entangled, feeling very sensitive meat Nasal, the nose has a meat. Ivory teeth growing up to 1 meter, is the door tooth outside the maxillary outlet, and is also a powerful defense weapon. The eye is small, the ear can cover both sides of the neck backwards. The limbs are thick and strong, the forelim is 5 toes, and the hind limbs are 4 toes. The tail is short, the skin is thick, the whole body is sparse and short hair. The head is the highest point, the body is 5 ~ 6 meters, 2.5 meters high, with a weight of 4 to 6 tons.

Asian is inhabit in the tropics. Often gousaw valley, river, bamboo forest, and broad-leaved mixed forests at an altitude of 1,000 meters. The camp is living in life, and the number or dozens of times each group do not wait. As a leader of an adult, as the leader of the group, there is no fixed residence, and the range of activities is very wide. Main food bamboo shoots, young leaves, wild banana and brown leaves, etc. Elephants have self-defense and retaliation behaviors to destroy their living environment and harm their similarity and their dignity. 600 ~ 640 days of pregnancy, 1 digit per baby, 8 ~ 13 years old can achieve sexual maturity. Life 70 ~ 80 years old

Wild is very small, in Southeast Asia, some national domestic institutions, lottery icons. my country's wild icons are only distributed in the southern part of Yunnan Province and Myanmar, and the quantity is very rare, repeatedly hunted, and it is very serious. In its distribution area, the nature reserves have been established, and the country is strictly sanctions in accordance with the law.

Wildlife Protection Law

"Wildlife Protection Law of the People's Republic of China

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 In order to protect Wild animals, saving precious, endangered wild animals, maintenance biodiversity and ecological balance, promoting ecological civilization construction, and formulating this law.

Article 2 In the fields of the People's Republic of China and other sea areas, it is engaged in wildlife protection and related activities, and it is applicable to this law.

Giant Panda (41)

The wildlife protected by this Law refers to the precious, endangered land, aquatic wildlife, and the land of land of an important ecology, science, and social value. animal.

The wildlife specified in this Law and its articles refer to the overall (containing eggs, eggs), partial and derivatives of wild animals.

The protection of other aquatic wild animals other than endangered aquatic wildlife is applicable to the provisions of the "Fisheries Law of the People's Republic of China".

Article 3 Wildlife resources belong to all countries.

The national guarantee is engaged in the legitimate rights and interests of organizational and individuals of wildlife science research, artificial breeding and other protection and related activities.

Article 4 The country has implemented priority, standardized utilization, strict supervision of wild animals, and encourages wildlife science research, cultivating citizens to protect wildlife awareness, and promote people and natural harmonious development.

Article 5 National protects wildlife and its habitat. The people's governments above the county level shall formulate wildlife and their habitat related protection planning and measures, and incorporate wildlife protection funds into budget.

State encourages citizens, legal persons and other organizations to participate in wildlife protection activities by donation, funding, volunteer services, etc., support wildlife protection public welfare undertakings.

The wild animal habitat specified in this Law refers to an important area of ​​wildlife wild population.

Article 6 Any organization and individual have obligations to protect wild animals and their habitats. It is forbidden to hunt wild animals, destroy wild animals habitat.

Any organization and individual have the right to report or accuse the relevant departments and agencies or accuse the behavior of this Law. Wildlife protection authorities and other relevant departments, organs should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Article 7 The Ministry of State Council Forestry and Fisheries shall supervise the national land, aquatic wildlife protection.

The forestry and fishery competent authorities of the local people's government and the fishery department of the county level shall be supervised in the administrative region of inland and aquatic wildlife protection.

Article 8 The people's governments at all levels shall strengthen the publicity and education and scientific knowledge of wildlife protection, encourage and support grassroots mass autonomous organizations, social organizations, and business institutions, volunteers to carry out wildlife protection. Propaganda activities for laws and regulations and protection knowledge.

Education administrative department, schools should conduct knowledge education in wildlife protection for students.

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