Promotion advertisement


Promotion advertisement is an advertising form commonly used in product marketing. Promotional ads mainly have the following strategies:

(1) Fever Advertising promotion strategy

can be roughly divided into gift Voucher advertising, gift advertising, free trial advertising, etc.

coupon advertisement. Use the newspapers and magazines to give customers a shopping voucher. The newspapers are published in the store coupon. It is printed around the coupon, and the reader will cut the coupon to the store along the dotted line. Gift Voucher General Offer Supply Products. The role of coupons advertisements can be summarized as three aspects: first, small profits but quick turnover. Second, improve shops and brand awareness. Third, the coupon attracts customers to the store to drive the sales of other goods. Fourth, increase the customer's goodness and dependence on the store.

According to the current status and requirements of the company, the precision positioning is found, and the more than 2000 network media resources are fully utilized to provide customers with professional network media planning, writing and release services.

gifts advertising. The advertising small gifts related to promotional goods and promotional goods will be selected to give consumers, causing a sensational effect to promote merchandise sales. For example, Coca-Cola has made a "cacocala", a small red hand advertising fan, choosing the Asian Games, gives the audience, and suddenly the audience has become a "cacocala" red ocean, which greatly promotes the sales of goods, and The cost of each hand is only 0.2 yuan (RMB). Not only will I win a good sense of consumers, but also take the opportunity to further publicize the brand.

Free trial advertisement. Provide free goods to consumers free of charge, generally try to promote commodity promotion. For example, the Tokyo PI advertising society in Japan, a novel trial advertisement is designed, and the new precious sports car is free to the car fans. The name of the company is posted on different parts in different parts. The car fans set the car to the car to make an advertisement in the predetermined place, producing different advertising effects.

(b) Direct type Advertising promotion strategy

can be roughly divided into two types of online promotion advertisements and postal advertisements.

on-site promotion ad. Promoters are not advertising in mass media or stores. Instead, put the goods directly to the user's door, and give a promotion method for the user's product promotion and give the user. This promotional advertisement can answer the customer's questions and disseminate the customer's doubts and sell products directly.

Post Promotion Advertising. The promotional personnel will print the words "a commodity discount" or "please try" during the promotion period, and the print advertisements such as the pattern and price form are available through the post office to a promotion of the user's home or work unit. method. In order to reduce the blindness of postal promotion advertisements, companies usually do regular data collection work, master the user's name, address and preference, and the two parties maintain certain forms of contact, and improve users' trust in the company.

(3) Model Advertising Policy

can be roughly divided into site performance demonstration advertising and celebrity demonstration advertisement.

Celebrity demonstration advertisement. Let the social celebrity advertise the item. For example, there are two extra large jeans, and "Welcome Trial, the store is free to give a commemoration", and the viewer is like tide. On the afternoon, two giants patronize, try on the results, the boss is pleased to give a gift. These two giants are not other people, but the basketball column and Zheng Haixia in my country. This well-designed celebrity demonstrates advertising, producing a sensational effect.

on-site performance demonstration advertisement. Choose a specific time and place, combined with people's habits, highlight the fashion efficacy of the goods, and make an open-appointment performance. For example, Sony, Japan, developed new products with stereo headphones in 1979, named "Walkman". At that time, Japan prevailing, watched skates exercise and other outdoor fitness activities. In order to enhance the promotion effect, Sony uses this popular living habits, special as a live performance. The company came to the model, and each person issued a "pedestrian". The model is wearing headphones, and the feet launches skates, listening to music, while walking in the park, the model's live performance has left a deep impression on the tourists in the park. Since then, "Walkman" has risen straight lines, which has played a special advertising effect.

(4) Concentration Advertising Promotion Strategy

Promotion advertisement

Using large celebration activities, sponsor public welfare, trade fairs, order meeting The play-in-case publicity of people and other crowds, is a centralized promotion advertisement, which is a variety of advertising forms. For example, in the spring of 1993, the International Olympic Sports Committee examination group came to Beijing to investigate the Olympic Games. The "People's Political Consultative Conference" has an advertisement titled "International Olympic Committee to Beijing to Beijing", then "×× company wishes Beijing Application for the success of the 2000 Olympic Games. " This advertisements have been impressed by the media audience.

Jiaduobao is a desperate tea brand, because Jiao Bao is named "China Good Voice", so the gun is red, and the endorsement of Liu Xiang, let everyone know EMS, Guoao Tower went to the World Expo, which also enabled its well-known world, which is a huge role in incident marketing. It can be said that the 21st century, corporate brand promotion is inseparable from incident marketing.

From the above example, it can be found that the company's brand promotion, some use itself, and some is to achieve the purpose of brand promotion through the spread of the propagation, and the company has a news. In addition, in addition, it is necessary to exceed the product, and can attract media attention. The premise of the spread of the borrowing is that the connotation of incidents that require high concern is the value of the company, so that the brand promotion of the company In order to do a double carving. Quickly let the company's brand awareness and brand connotation double enhancement.

Objective To promote brand product sales is the purpose of promotional advertising priorities.

The rise in brand understanding, the improvement of brand image, emphasize the price advantage, etc. also the purpose of promoting advertising.

three elements

provides some information for readers;

is advantageous to readers;

is easy to understand, simple, vivid interesting.


1, the way is unique;

2, highlight the brand, trademarks and origin of its products, make people impressed;

3, accurately explain the telephone, address, fax number, and email or URL;

4, commonly used new words, making it a new effect.

Other forms

Today's brand competition becomes more and more fierce, the competition in the 21st century is the competition of the brand. If you can conduct effective brand promotion, you must quickly seize it. The market has made companies in many peer competitions.

Brand promotion strategy four secrets

promotion planning and network hotspots combined

Enterprise is Very good combination of brand promotion and network hotspots, just on the shoulders of the giant, you can make the company's brand promotion to the trend, can attract public attention, causing public interest, enterprises, business concerns, and in the enterprise Brand promotion is integrated into the network, it is bound to make promotion effects rapidly.

activity and Festival Marketing often effect excellent best

In the festival, consumers will The mood is very happy, and it is very happy to accept the guidance of others, and the company must understand that in the event and holidays, consumers' procurement of the company's promotion activities is very low. Due to the fact that the people in today's social people have a great pressure, many people Work-class hopes to relax through holidays, so the brand promotion of the company should not ignore the privileges of festivals and activities. Secked this period, people's unsubstitations of things, the brand promotion, the company can also organize various promotion activities, through the activities of the activities and customers' interactive behavior, and subtle the effectively brand promotion.

Eye effect , I want to let the audience interested in the "business to make brand promotion to attract audiences, this is two The benefits, the first is that word of mouth, the second is the market, this is very important, it seems to be very simple, but it is often easily ignored, which requires a certain amount of funds to make a head, in the network community, micro Bo, blog and other network platforms produce explosive topics, they can achieve public attention, and can achieve eye-catching, achieving the effect of eye effect.

If you want to let customers find the enterprise

Enterprise want to find a customer, conduct brand promotion, and customer take the initiative to find a company, the effect is very large Different, customers are looking for companies to represent companies more advantageous, the success rate is higher, and how can companies make customers to find home, then they need to have different companies, let customers trust to find a business.

So, the company's brand promotion is not a difficult thing. The key is to have a brand promotion and publicity opportunity to grasp everyday life, which is bound to make the prerequisite for small costs. Effective brand marketing is carried out.

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