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Shanghai Radio and Television news channel "News Magazine"

"News Focus" is Shanghai TV is a file news analysis and commentary program. 30 years ago on July 5, "News Focus" section was founded in Shanghai TV station began broadcasting as a TV news coverage and depth commentary program, has gone through a full 30 years, it is the oldest mainland China, its most strong depth TV news coverage and commentary program. Until today, "News Focus" is Shanghai's main --SMG TV News TV news production agency flagship news program, viewing rate remains high, which is unique in the domestic television media.

Hong Kong TVB Jade "News Magazine"

"News Magazine" Hong Kong TVB 1981 launch of a file news and current affairs programs.

Air time: Saturday 7:00 PM Jade, 7: 00PM HD Jade

Press perspective

premiere date: January 3, 1981

" News Magazine "(in English: News Magazine ) is a brand of news and current affairs programs by television broadcasts Limited public Affairs section, News and information Division, Zhongwang Group special. This program is to analyze the social hot topic for the purpose.

"News Focus" is produced year-round non-stop longevity program, start broadcasting since 1981 to date, most of the time maintaining the players once a week, once in the mid-nineties evolutions changed to Monday to play Friday, the program changed the form of news and current affairs topic comments today, but this form only lasted for a short period, and ultimately back to a set weekly, half-hour episode of the old array. The current program is aired every Saturday night at Jade.

"News Focus" with respect to another with wireless TV news and information produced by the Ministry of Research Project program - "Sunday Report", the content more emphasis on news and current affairs, whereas "Sunday Report" is more inclined to explore the soft story. The "News Focus" discussion topics practices, often critical angle, the idea of ​​an audience inherent issues for reflection, for example, would make access to the street, scientific testing, and expert opinion or the market rumors as a sharp contrast ( another critical topic in the table below). Of course, the program is no lack of covert filming crew required for investigative reporting, or visit mainland China reported another macro issues. The current program producer for the Wengzhen Hui.

Since October 2, 2010, "News Focus" and "Sunday Report" will accompanied Putonghua narration, the audience may or multiple AC-3 bitstream through the NICAM function (analog broadcast version) (digital broadcast version) select playback language in order to cater to the needs of the audience three places.

May 21, 2012, this program of "academic fraud" and "injustice" two programs won the 2011 Peabody Award.

Program features: Program analyzes the hot news topic in society, focusing on current affairs content, access through the characters, a variety of studies and surveys, then a critical angle discuss controversial issues, the audience a better understanding and deeper know the ins and outs of things, an extension of the news reports.

"News Focus" produced by the Department of Public radio, start broadcasting since 1981 to date, most of the time to maintain the play once a week, year-round non-stop production longevity program, can also become a Liberal Section valuable reference material.

Former Chair: Claudia Mo, LIANG Jia-rong, Yeya Yuan, Li Wen Jing (deceased), Huang Jian, Pingde Xiong, Zhouhao Hui, Liangjie E, Li Canrong, Yuan Zhiwei, District Jialin, Law Chun Bong, Xufang Hui, Liu Junjiang, Wu Jing Jun, Fang Jian instrument , Fang Dongsheng

Chen Jiaxin is currently chaired.

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