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Qin Ergent In July, Chen et al. In September, he will be insignificant to Liang Yan: "Jiangxi is all reverse, this is also afraid of the Qin Zhi. I just known a man, then I will be a man. I want to send troops, so that I will make the public." (Western Han Di Mission "Historical Records · Xiang Yu Bi Ji")

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Qin 2 In the first year, Chen Sheng started. In September, Yongjun fake defended the Xianliang, Nai called and count. Liang Yan: "The Jiangxi is all antiqin. This also died in Qin Shi. First, the man was made, and then made by people." (Eastern Han Dang Gu "Han Shu")

this paragraph The story, "Historical Records · Xiang Yu Bi Ji" and "Han Shu, Corporate Biography" are approximately the same. In the "Historical Record", Yin Tong said, "the first to manufacture people, after the first", after the "Han Shu", "the first generation, and then systematically." Although there are small differences on the text, it means exactly the same.

idiom story

In the first 209 BC, Chen Sheng, Wu Guang took the four-party response after Uprise in Dawu Township. At that time, Xiangmei and the nephew Xie Yu were avoided to avoid the report of the enemy, and they ran to Wuzhong (now Wu County, Jiangsu). Ji Ji County is guarded, and the Su is to respect the beam. In order to discuss the political situation at the time and his own way, send people to find a necklace.

Xiang Liang saw Yindong, talked about his views on the time: "Now Jiangxi has a ruthless to oppose the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty. This is the time when God is going to die. Qin Dynasty. First launched It can be uniform, and then launched by others! "

Yin Tong listened, sighed:" I heard that you are the future generation of Chu State, it is a top ten things. I I want to send troops to respond to the army. Please come with Yusu to lead the army, just don't know where the Chu is now? "

Xiang Liang listened, I thought, I wouldn't want to be your subordinates. So he smashed, and quickly said: "Yu Chu has violated the Qin Dynasty's criminal law in the rivers and lakes, only my nephew Xie Yu knows where he is. I went to Xiang Yu to ask."


said After that, the items walked outside the door, and the sound was called the best of the good sword, waiting for the opportunity to kill Yindong.

The uncle is one after another. Yin Tong saw Xiang Yu in, just stood up and wanted to meet Xiang Yu. When I said, I was so fast, and the Xiang Yu pulled out the sword. He immediately cut his head.

Xiang Yu puts Yindong's head, wears the big print of the county, go outside, and announced the uprising.

At that time, the people itself hated the Qin Dynasty bureaucracy. Seeing the Liang Killing the county, all said that he would wish to follow him, support him to make the Yushu County, and Xiang Yu is biased. Xiang Yu also went to the countryside relatives and friends to recruit eight thousand youth, called "eight thousand children", this team is so energetic, combat power, became the backbone of hegemony.


and "post-labor people" is just the contrary, in the war, first launch the attacker, can power or control the enemy, that is, first will get the control situation. The initiative, thus control the enemy, and will be easily controlled by the other party. One of the first generation is often a strong force in the parties, otherwise it is difficult to have objective conditions for the first manufacturer.

In the history of ancient and modern warfare, many preparations that adopt the preceding prior rendritic will win. Regardless of the pre-originator or the post-war, it is based on the strength of the enemy's strength, the strategic choices made by the specific conditions, and "know each other". This requires investigation and research, mastering the exact information, there is no lighter and blind. Otherwise, once the enemy is active, it is not possible to obtain the initiative, not only the initiative, not only the situation will be converted to the adverse, and it is also possible to lead the other party to make the other party's strategy. Therefore, no matter what activities such as politics, military, diplomacy, and commercial negotiations, we must fully investigate research and make sensible choices and decisions.


  • a text usage

"first man" It is directed to the right to work, and then it will take action in the opponent to obtain active; in the sentence, it can be asked, object, attributive, and adverbial.

  • Application example

Tang Wei and Wei, etc. "书 密 传": "Millions of people, one can set, first send a man, this machine is not lost."

Qing · Zhaiping "Xianting Miscellaneous ‧ La Fu Second Public": "Don't send people first, although still It can also make it easy to make it easy. "

Hao Ran" Yanyang Tian "Chapter 87:" Ma Zhi Yue thinks, did not wait for Xiao Changchun to finish the last sentence, immediately Opening, come to a pre-origin. "

Qulo" Lin Hai Xueyuan "three:" Jianbo did not wait for this sheriff to open, ""

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