Prague Uprising

Historical Background

1939, Czechlovakia. In the spring of 1945, the Soviet Red Army liberated Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and most parts of Slovakia. Fasz Germany is a barrier that protects German local southern wing, and blocks the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union is hiented between Prague and Dresden. The promotion of the Soviet army and the cooperation of the Slovak guerrillas created conditions for armed uprising. In order to prepare armed uprising, the Czech Republic of China has established a Prague National Committee, and negotiating with the National Socialist Party. It is recommended to jointly act on the "Corsope", which is rejected. At this point, the US military has entered Bilson. The Civil Socialist Party will rely on the US military to seize the power, and the fascist occupant also hopes that the US military occupies Prague and the situation is tight.

Prague Uprising

Uprising passes through

May 1, 1945, Prague residents have passed their conflict with German occupiers. On the morning of the morning, armed uprising broke out. Uprising Team occupied the Posts and Telecommunications Bureau, station, important bridge. At noon, the Prague National Committee made the people's book, requiring the "Protection" and its government, and transfer the power to the National Committee, and issued the final pass to the Germans to surrender. The Prague radio issued a call to the country to support Prague uprising. In order to prevent the German anti-fleet, 5th night, Prague people build more than 2,000 work and street. Armatoman in the morning of the 6th. On the 7th, the Germans attacked the city center, and the insults were bloody. In the early morning of May 9, Su Jun rushed into Prague and smashed the German resistance, and Prague liberated.

Uprising Effects of

The victory of the uprising marks the final victory of the Czech Lovakia's anti-fascist resistance exercise.

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