Pottery anti-tank missile

Development Procedures

Tao-style anti-tank missile is a tube launch, optical aimation, infrared automatic tracking, and wired guidance, has been developed in 1962 in 1962. The genetic anti-tank missile weapon system has produced and equipped in 1970, and it also exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.

Turky anti-tank missile is an optical tracking, wire transmission command, a heavy anti-tank missile weapon system developed by the Hughes aircraft company for the US military, mainly used to attack various tanks. Hard goals such as armored vehicles, bunker and artillery positions. In 1965, the launch test was successful. In 1970, the equipment is produced and equipped, and the car and helicopter are launched, and the infantry can be carried. The US military has used this missile in the War of Vietnam and the Fourth Middle East War and has achieved good results. In the Gulf War, multinational troops have fired more than 600 this missile, destroying more than 450 armored objectives of the Iraqi army.

Technical Features

Structure Design

Tockey anti-tank missile body is columnically, two pairs of control airfoil before and after, first pair is located in the body, Four-piece symmetrical installation, in square, the second pair is located in the middle of the body, with an alone in the outer end, and the model is slidably after the model. The launch tube is also column shape. At 1/3 of the self-tip, it begins to become thick. It is obvious to two, and the helicopter-containing ceramic missile has two or four, and the missile is sealed in the launch tube. The middle fine, the tail has a significantly smaller protruding portion.

Operation flexible

1 Most of the launch platform, car load, airborne launch, more flexible.

2 increases the range, "Tao" 2 range of 3 km from the prototype bomb to 3.75 km.

3 improves the ability to break armor, and the diameter of the combat is increased from the original population of 127 mm to 152.4 mm, and the weight is increased from 3.6 kg to 5.9 kg. "Tao" 2A uses a series of polymerned drugs, making the silent thickness from the original silence of 1,600 mm to 1030 mm, and has the ability to deal with the armor target.

4 wired guidance, limited range, and the launch platform is easy to be enemy firepower.

Turky anti-tank missile adopts infrared semi-active guidance, the maximum range of 4 km, the minimum range is 65 meters. 500 meters of the last medium is 90%, 500 to 3000 meters can be 100%. The weapon system consists of a missile, a launching device, and the ground device 3. The missile length is 1164 mm, with a population of 152 mm, full-scale mass 18470 grams, composed of a combat department, control system, engine, and tail. The body is cylindrical, the split is usually folded, and the launch is launched. From the ground, it can also be launched from the helicopter. Compared with the first generation of anti-tank missiles, it has the characteristics of a range of pendulum, fast flight, advanced technology, and strong anti-interference ability.

Identification Characteristics

Turky anti-tank missile uses the launch tube emission, the bombilation is characterized by:

1 anti-tank missile body is columnar, The front and rear pairs of control wing surfaces, the first pair is located in the body, four symmetrical mounted, square, second pair located in the middle of the body, has an alone in the outer end, and the model is booled after the model.

2 The launch tube is also a column shape. At 1/3 of the shelter, it has begun to become thick. It is obvious to two, and the helicopter ceramic missile has two or four, and the missile is sealed in the launch. There is a slightly thick, middle fine, and the tail portion has a significantly smaller protruding portion on both ends of the emitter opening.

Performance Data ​​h2>

Model Tao 2A

minimum range 65 meters

Pottery anti-tank missile

1 speed 65 m / sec

maximum Speed ​​860 m / sec

hit probability of 90% (radio distance 0.5 ~ 3 km); 100% (within 500 m) shooting accuracy ± 200 mm (ground emission high deviation)

± 200 mm (ground emission direction deviation)

160 mm (helicopter emission high low deviation)

± 200 mm (helicopter emission high low deviation)

The thickness of 1030 mm

Breaking the thickness of 300 mm / 65 degrees

Emission speed 3 hair / minute

Reliability 97.7%

The slurgee is 152.4 mm

1274 mm

Heavy weight 28.1 kg

Guidance method Wired transmission instruction guidance

Derivative model < / h2>


Maximum range of 3,000 meters (the maximum range of helicopter is 3750 meters), the minimum range is 65 meters. At the first speed of 65 meters per second, the maximum speed is 360 m / sec. The probability of hitting the fixed target is 75%, 500 ~ 3750 meters, from 500 to 3750 meters. The shot accuracy at the ground is transmitted, the high and low deviation is ± 0.2 meters, and the directional deviation is ± 0.2 meters. When emitting with a helicopter, its high deviation is 0.16 m, and the directional deviation is ± 0.2 meters. The silence has a thickness of 600 mm, and the thickness of the thickness is 200 mm / 65 °. The emission rate is 3 hair / min. Reliability is 97.7%. Flying 3000 meters of time is 15 seconds. The temperature required to use is -32 ° C ~ +60 ° C. Helicopter emission is highly required to under 3050 meters. The missile is 1164 mm, and the cylinder missile is 1280.5 mm. The cylindrical portion is 148.3 mm, and the bumper is 127 mm, and the maximum outer diameter of the cartridge is 218 mm. Moving wing exhibition 466.5 mm, helid wing exhibition 445.7 mm. The weight is 18.47 kg, the cartridge is 24.5 kg, and the weapon system is 102 kg. The gauge must be 3.65 kg. The storage period of the weapon is more than 5 years. The missile launching device consists of a launcher, a rotary body, and a tripod. The launch cylinder is 1676.4 mm, which is 5.3 kg. There are three kinds of load tools for missiles: M113 armored vehicles (6-way missiles per load), M151A1 type 1/4 tons Jeep (2 per-load missile, another M151A1-type missile carrier can carry 6), M274 Type 1/2 weapon is equipped with a car (6 of each vehicle).

Tao 1 type

1981 Direction. Tao 1 missiles shorten the launch tube to 1067 mm, which is advantageous to overcome the difficulty of manipulating the launching device under large transverse wind conditions. In order to adapt to the launch of the car and the helicopter, the missile range is increased from 3,000 meters to 3750 meters. Also equipped with an A / TAS-4 night aiming. The inner cavity of the fighter is installed with a scalable length of 305 mm, which enhances the bombing from the original 0.9 times the slurry to 3 times. A piezoelectric switch is equipped with a piezoelectric switch on the fighter, which increases the reliability of the fighter. "Tao reform" has more than 800 mm.

Tao 2

developed in 1979, the 1983 Directions. The main improvement is:

1 use large caliber combat, increased to 152 mm, weight increase to 5900 grams, increased by 305 mm to 540 mm, broken thickness 940 ~ 1030 mm.

2 Adduction running engine, the range increases from 3,000 meters to 3750 meters.

3 added a carbon dioxide laser cursor to improve the guidance performance, improve the combat capacity of missiles under smoke dust or harsh conditions.

4 launching device adopts a new digital emission guide.

5 is equipped with an improved AN / TAS-4A infrared thermal imaging night view, the working wavelength is 12 microns.

Tao 2A. In 1987, the equipment is used, and the two-stage tandem aerial medicine is used in the basis of Tao 2, and the accuracy and power are used to attack the goal of the armor.

Tao 2B type. In 1992, the unit has improved the launch guidance software, and the missile can be fly above 1 meter above the aimer. Using two-level concurrent self-evoquetting the film fighting part, it is used to attack the top armor of the tank.

Service dynamics

Tao-style missiles participated in the Vietnam War, the Middle East War, the two Iraq and the Gulf War.

In the late Vietnam War, the US AH-1 attack helicopter uses a ceramic missile attack Vietnam tank, the success rate is over 80%.

In the fourth Middle East War, in the case of the insufficient troops in the early days of the war, the use of helicopter ceramic missiles to fight the attack of more than 800 tanks, the role is very obvious.

In the Gulf War, hundreds of M901 missile launches in the United States participated in the M2 infantry, M3 cavalry, AH-15 helicopters and British British British cat helicopters all equipped with ceramics Anti-tank missile. In the war, after breaking through the Iraqi defense from the two locations, the US Navy Marine Team broke through the Iraqi armor army, the car ceramics 2-style antistorism was fired from 1200-3000 meters, and the 110 missiles were launched. 93 hit targets, destroy dozens of T62, T55 tanks in the Iraqi artillery position, with the M1A1 tank to defeat the Iraq. The British Minshen helicopter launched more than 600 pottery missiles, destroying 450 Iraqi armored objectives.

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