potential customer

Basic definitions

is likely to become actual customers of an individual or organization. Such customers or interested in buying, buying demand, or desire to buy, purchasing power, but not with a business or organization trading relations. Customers Potential customers include General potential customers and competitors of the two parts. The so-called potential customers generally refers to existing customers but are not yet any intention to buy the same product or organization, and although once a customer of an organization but at the time of purchase decisions, brand recognition more casual customer; the customer refers to competitors the enterprise competitors have customer groups.

required conditions

Potential customers need to have three basic conditions: First, the individual or organization to purchase products or services really need such products, from consumer products to benefit, or be able to solve practical problems for the purchase of a particular aspect; second, whether or not such person or organization how strong desire to buy, regardless of the product or give him how much they bring benefits, they must have purchase the product or ability to pay services; third, potential customers must have the right to buy or authorized, have the right to choose in terms of producers, types and specific models and the like.

potential customer

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