It involves literature, art (including architectural style, etc.), many areas of social culture and ideology such as language, history, philosophy. Although this thoughts are still in a state of complicated and diversified development, it is very clear from the general perspective, and the purpose of postmodernism trend is very clear, it is to be a foundation, tradition, etc. of modern civilization. Perform a full range of critical reflection. Therefore, the rise of postmodernism, can be said to provide a new mirror for viewing modernity, reflecting modernity and traditional contradictions, and reflects the side of modernity's own contradiction.


Postmodernism ( POS TMODERNISM) is a concept that is defined in theory.

to digestion center, order, clarity , Authoritative, decisive, rational, etc., to advocate negative, non-central, fuzzy, crushing, uncertainty, non-continuous, diversity, differential, irrational, etc., for modernism The scientific and technological hegemony, rational and natural opposition, and the strong referendum.

The thinkers related to psychology in modern cultural trends have: Gadamer, Habermas, Licha, Foucault, Lagon, Derrida, Leuttad, Marcus, Kuhn, Ferbe Amentae, Rotti, Laudan, etc.

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