Positive peak

Positive peak cake history

According to historical records: Ming Jiajing years (the beginning of the 16th century), the production of parents; Qing Jiaqing years gold list enrollment "Haisong pick legacy" It launches "出 出 正". When the old, only a few small workshops were produced in the positive scene, and the output was very small. Most of the products were taken by the Daguan noble and the luxurious business, and the small part was brought back by some inspector officials. At any time, the cake was reforned. However, in recent decades, there is a positive peak of the "wins like the court pastry". After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Party, the spring breeze reform and opening up has blows all the land of Shenzhou, but also stimulates the resurgence of the people who are determined to restore this historical name. In 1984, with the help of historical data, and the unremitting efforts of the old technologies produced in several years, the old technicians made of tea, and finally obtained the traditional flavor of this historical name. In order to meet the needs of consumers, I started the positive peak factory in February 1985 and officially mass production.

ingredients, appearance and mouthfeit

The positive field extract is exquisite, the production is fine, it uses upper glutinous rice, sesame as the main raw material, add appropriate amount of sugar, vegetarian oil, and osmanthus With materials such as pepper, after more than 20 steps, the final micro-fire is smoked. It is light yellow, but it is not scouring, it is skeleton. It is uniform, and the thickness is uniform. The single piece has a transparent sense of natural light. There is a fragrant fragrance, and it is expected to be angry. The cake is like a spicy, the crispy sweetness, the sweetness is salty, the flavor is unique, and the taste is delicate and far on the spook.


The saffin is sweet and refreshing, the old is suitable, and the foreign customers come and come, and they praise after the food. After "People's Daily" (Overseas Edition), "Xinhua Daily", "New People's Evening News", "Economic News" and other newspapers and magazines, the positive farm has caused extensive interest in people and abroad, has been sold to Beijing, Shanghai , Zhejiang and other provinces and cities. Huang, Macao and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese and foreign people return the gift. In addition, the positive peak paste has been rated as a quality product of Jiangsu Provincial Supply and Marketing System, and went to Beijing to participate in the national food exhibition meeting, won the China's first food fair.

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