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Simon is a person who has an impact on economics, and there are many people. This book is one of the main economics works in Sestombi. Mountain rice in this book, is very necessary for comprehensive research of Sismount Economic thinking; it is necessary for people who first contact Simmonti's economic thoughts, and they can be selected as a reference book.

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introduction first consumption and production balance

The second discussion of social income

The first part of the third article of Territory Wealth is allocated on the territory wealth distribution, which method can bring the greatest happiness in the society

4th discussion of the living conditions of the Scottish Gair farmers and their Export

The fifth article is the living conditions of Irish farmers and its poor reasons

Sixth article about Tuscany farmers' lives

seventh The consequences of the rules of the Irish farmers, and to get rid of poor methods

eighth annual slave system for human species

ninth article on black tillage The road to the slavery is liberated, the road should follow

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