Polish corridor

synonym, but Ze corridor generally refers to the Poland corridor

Division Cause

Territish distribution is based on three considerations:


The 15th to the 18th century was once part of the Kingdom of Poland (1453/1466 to 1772) until Poland was divided by Poland.

Polish resessment

Pole believes that if the newly independent Poland does not extend to the coastline of the Baltic Sea, she will be in the economy, to politically rely on Germany. Britain and France hopes to break Germany by Poland, so this argument has supported support.

Polish corridor

Let Poland have a coastline is one of the theories of US President Woodro Wilson. He published a famous 14-point peace before the end of the first World War in 1918, of which thirteenth It is: Poland should be independent - her territory will include the territory of the Poles; to make sure she has freedom, safe coastline. Under the International Convention, Poland will enjoy politics and economical independence.

Important Harbor's residents of Ze (Gdansk) are mostly German, but the International Alliance has not allowed public voters, and the Hong Kong has changed to the free market protected by Poland. In order to reduce the dependence on Due, Poland established a new harbor GTenia nearby.

The shape of the Polish corridor is narrow and belongs to Poland's Poland. It separates East Pusu with other German territories. In the northern region, the width of the corridor is only 40 kilometers. Since the German territory is divided into two, the economic development of Dongpusu is seriously hindered. In 1922, the German Ministry of Transport established a navigation service to reduce land transportation.

Ethnic reason

Poles occupy most of the regional population, especially in the West Bank of Vishua River, But there are also many German residents.

Germany's reaction

has no doubt, and cutting the corridor to make the German very angry. All the German government before the two battles refused to German Eastern Boundary under the Treaty of Versailles. For example: Germany leaders Gustav Strezman signed the "Locarno Convention" in 1925 in 1925, confirming Germany and France, Belgium bordering the western boundary. However, several times declared that refused to confirm the eastern border in the same way.

1933, Hitler came to Taiwan. Hitler was promoted to Poland to promote the 1934 "Delo mutual non-invasion treaty". But Germany has swallowed Austria with Czechlovakia in 1938 and 1939, Germany, Germany, to Polish Tiger.

At the beginning of 1939, Germany further requested mergers and merged, and wanted to establish a cross-border road that connect German native and Dongpus. With the support of the German expansion of the British Fa, the Polish government refused the above requirements in March. On September 1, Germany United Soviet Union flashed Poland, and an all-in-TRC who was previously cut to Poland and Poland western.

At the Potsdam Conference, the Allies promised the Soviet request, and the Band border of the Soviet army assorted. The Ode River-Nice River is east, including the Polish corridor and the German territory, which is cut to Poland. German front Eastern Territory is divided into Poland.

In 1953, Dongde admitted the eastern border, 1970 Xide admitted the eastern border and the German recognition of the eastern border in 1990.

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