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"Zhaotingmingguan" in the "life" is the verb "appointed" means, meaning a court appointed positions of influence, much attention of officials.

1, Ming Luo Guanzhong "Three Kingdoms" second back to "whip the inspector He Guojiu Yide anger seeking to punish the official vertical": he is Chaotingmingguan, how can they kill good at?

Plead office

2, Ming Shinai "Water Margin" Thirty-fourth back to "three mountain town of row Qingzhou Road Thunderbolt night away rubble field" Huarong off the hall to pin down: "The brother pacified, listen brother a word, I am also Chaotingmingguan son, helpless, so was forced "

3," Water Margin "fifty-eighth back to the" three mountains Ju Yi hit congregation Qingzhou tiger concentric go Shuibo ":! you servant is Zhaotingmingguan, country you never negative, so why would dare to rebel? If you hold, cut to pieces!

4, "Water Margin" sixty-fourth back to "earn Guan Sheng Hu Yanzhuo Moonlight Song Gongming snow escapement Suo Chao": This person was originally Chaotingmingguan, Qingzhou are monitoring, and Qin, Huarong Luocao moment, meaning no more than usual and Song Jiang and.

5, Xuzi Chang Ming "Water Margin Kee removal hearing": ".. By his father shelter for Chaotingmingguan purple ribbon waist down, keep the curtain in carriage curtain"


many people have "Zhaotingmingguan 'of" life "as" terrible "," lifeblood "of meaning, refers to the official status is also very important, a matter of degree than the" appointment "to deep lot.

Although modern society has no "court" argument, but the printing is still going strong "Zhaotingmingguan" argument. so, what kind of executive-level officials can be considered Chaotingmingguan it? deputy provincial These are recognized as a measure of comparison, but above the national sub-provincial cadres "up to" more than 3,000 people, all of them together and I do not know, "Chodo" only large enough to accommodate much. therefore the threshold should be further improved, that also has more alternate members of the central Committee of the Communist Party of China title cadres

so, modern can be called "Zhaotingmingguan" should also have two criteria: ① above sub-provincial level; ② central Committee alternate. above.

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