Plasma cutter

synonym plasma arc cutting machine General refers to a plasma cutter


plasma arc cutting machine is a machine for processing metal materials by plasma cutting technology. The heat of the workpiece incision is used to melt (and evaporation) by heat of the high-temperature plasma arc, and the molten metal is excluded by high speed plasma to form a processing method of the incision.


1. Fully automatic and semi-automatic cut dual mode selection;

2. Digital precise control cutting length;

3 Easy to operate.

Working principle

The working principle of the plasma cutter is a plasma that is heated to a very high temperature and is highly ionized, which will transfer the arc power to the workpiece, high calorific The workpiece is melted and blown away, forming the working state of the plasma arc cutting.

Compressed air into the torch, allocated two channels by the air chamber, i.e., a plasma gas and auxiliary gas. The plasma gas arcuates melted metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the various components of the torch and blows away the molved metal.

Operation Data ​​h2>

1. Cutting Ability: Handheld Torch.

2. Recommended cutting capacity: 6mm.

3. Maximum cutting capacity: 10mm.

4. Cutting capacity: 12mm.

Technical parameters

1. Input voltage 120-230V, single phase, 50 / 60Hz.

2. The input current is currently 2.49kW 120-230V, single phase: 26-13.5A.

3. Rated output voltage 83VDC.

4. Output Current 15 - 30 A.

5.40 ° C 35% at 30A, 115V 50% at 30A, 230V.

6.100% The temporary is at 40 ° C 18A at 120V.

7. Output current 21a at 230V.

8. The highest OCV 240 VDC.

9. The handle size is 305mm high; 168 mm wide.

10.356mm deep.

11. With Torch weight 9kg.

12. Air supply is clean, dried, free of oil or nitrogen.

13. Flow 99.1L / min in 4.5 bar.

14. Flow pressure 5.5-6.9 bar.

15. Enter the power cable length 3m.

16. Work cable length is 4.5m.

17. Warranty Directive Warrants for three years, torch warranty for one year.

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