PLA Art Publishing House

Historical Level

Liberation Army Arts Publishing House / Kunlun Publishing House, was established in 1951, is the only publishing house based on the only publishing of military theme literature and art books and journals in China. / P>

It is the PLA Renyi, and in 1983, it was renamed the Liberation Army Art Publishing House;

In 1984, the Kunlun Publishing House.


The whole society consists of the summary room, the office, four book editing department, two journal editing department and the issuing department.

Main business

Liberation Army Literature and Art Publishing House / Kunlun Publishing House mainly publish literature, culture, sports, art, music, art, curved, drama, foreign cultural works and other books, and publish Produce cultural and art audio-visual products and electronic books, and host the "People's Liberation Army Arts" and "Military Craft World" Monthly.


Publications from the Liberation Army Arts Publishing House have been reflected and representing the highest level of Chinese military literature, and the monk has a military writer cradle. In the past half century, cultivated and born writers in the whole army and even the national literary altar. The community also edited a group of excellent literary works that have affected generations. The society has developed into two journals published "People's Liberation Army", "Military Culture World", with more than 150 kinds of books, with military literature, documentary literature as its brand book, enjoy a high reputation in the majority of readers Art Publishing House.

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