Picture processing

Picture processing renderings

Picture processing renderings (8 sheets)

As the functions of picture processing software become more mature, picture processing technology It has also entered an era of omnipotence and miracles. The representative software AdobePhotoshop has also been applied in many fields.

Picture processing software

Software is usually used for picture processing. Commonly used image processing software includes: domestic operation humanization, powerful color shadow, foreign Photoshop and open source gimp and other software.

Color Shadow

In the current image processing field, either some software is too large and professional, which discourages beginners and makes professionals inefficient; or Too fool, function too simple, creativity is difficult to be used effectively, product quality and processing speed are also uneven. The launch of Caiying perfectly resolved the contradiction that "fish and bear's paw cannot have both". Caiying is China's first image processing software, and it is the most powerful and user-friendly new generation of high-quality, high-speed digital image processing software in China.

For groups: ordinary home users, photography enthusiasts, professionals who need fast image processing, graphic designers

The software features are as follows:

  1. Many original and brand-new digital image processing engine technologies bring perfect quality: The unique "PerfectImage" digital image processing engine of Color Shadow makes the image processing quality and restoration ability superior, and always presents you with the clearest and finest high image quality ! Another original "FasterImage" digital image processing engine has optimized high-speed image processing capabilities, whether it is ordinary photos or super-resolution SLR photos can be handled calmly, the processing speed is even faster!

  2. The pinnacle of humanized design: The "HumanUI" component interface technology that took 3 years to create subverts the traditional software interface, bringing users unparalleled in every detail The new user-friendly interactive experience! The "OnePanel" interface technology makes the operation unnecessary to switch and set in many pop-up windows like traditional software. Color Shadow makes almost all settings without popping up abrupt windows, and what you see is what you get directly on the picture!

  3. Concurrent processing of multiple image windows: Different from traditional image software, Caiying provides a more convenient and professional multi-image window concurrent editing function, you can open multiple images at once Pictures, and drag the mouse between windows to cut out each other, or intuitively browse and process multiple images in the same editing area at the same time, especially in the batch processing of multiple pictures, mutual comparison, repeated cutouts, etc. to greatly reduce the operation complexity , The traditional mode of frequently switching pictures to process separately is a thing of the past!

  4. Many of the most user-friendly professional matting techniques: Caiying provides the most convenient and complete set of all powerful matting tools. You no longer need to cut out like traditional software. Perform a variety of tedious and redundant steps of cutting out, saving, reloading and overlaying, and drag and drop the mouse between the color shadow multi-image windows to make the professional cut out effect instantaneous!

  5. Creative photo frames and gorgeous scene superimposition effects are more exquisite and flexible: Color Shadow is the first image software to introduce superimposed scenes to make photos full of artistic, dynamic, or starry-like dreamlike a feeling of. The new version greatly improves the creative synthesis operation method, and the operation is more convenient than traditional software! The professional art team has created a huge number of high-quality boutique material libraries for the new version of Caiying. The material quality is more beautiful, more fashionable, and more stunning, suitable for various professional needs of different ages and different occasions!

  6. Art composite photo, mask photo, powerful cutout composite production: Allows digital photos in different windows to be artistically composited through various masks or various advanced cutout tools , Create magical artistic synthesis effects, and support the feature-rich professional-level layer management panel. The effects of palaces in the sky, flowers and trees are easily completed! In addition, the software allows the production of purely masked photos.

  7. Support the most complete digital darkroom effects and the most complete adjustment and repair functions: it has more than one hundred professional digital darkroom effects and image repair functions, combined with "PerfectImage" and " FasterImage" digital image processing engine, all effect algorithms are better than traditional image software, more realistic and delicate, stronger in repairing, faster in processing speed, and also support transparency preservation operations!

  8. Interesting decoration superposition function: The software comes with many styles of small decoration pictures, allowing you to directly drag and drop these dazzling or cute and interesting decoration pictures onto your digital photos. Make digital photos more cute and unique, and cater to the trend of pursuing individuality.

  9. Real word art effect: the only software in China that truly has all word art functions, with extremely fast font scaling, arbitrary drag and drop, arbitrary rotation, horizontal and vertical distortion or flipping , Horizontal or vertical two-way typesetting, setting shadows, gradual filling of fonts in any color and different directions, filling fonts with arbitrary graphics, arbitrary color strokes, smoothing font edges, support for multi-line editing and various font attributes and other powerful functions!

  10. A richer set of image processing solutions, including: advanced layer management panel and support for more than 20 professional-level fusion modes; intimate history recording technology; flexible and professional Function printing settings; flexible object free transformation technology; more user-friendly full-screen editing mode; one-stop unified zoom and navigation; more practical original image and effect image comparison function; richer photo information display panel; hardware image capture function ; Picture batch conversion tool; GIF animation flash image editing tool; photography display frame tool; exquisite calendar production; graffiti tool; practical functions such as working with the multimedia master "Digital Master" software.

Caiying will still inherit the same origin, lead the future, and keep moving forward!

Meitu Xiuxiu

Meitu Xiuxiu (Meitu Master) is an image processing software that can be used in 1 minute, which is 100 times easier than PS! Meitu Xiuxiu can easily beautify digital photos, with unique powerful functions such as one-key P-pictures, magical beauty, frame scenes, super dazzling flash pictures, and massive amounts of materials updated daily, which are widely used in personal photo processing, QQ emoji production, QQ avatar making, space picture beautification, non-mainstream picture processing, Taobao shop decoration, baby calendar making, etc., make your photos full of personality!

Koniu Video

Koniu Video is a new generation of image processing software, with unique functions such as whitening and removing acne, face-lifting and slimming, celebrity scenes, multiple photo overlays, and more. More than a variety of photo effects, you can create studio-level professional photos in a few seconds.

Little Assistant

Batch Image Processing Assistant

Due to a lot of time, when we upload our pictures, we will find Many pictures cannot be uploaded because the pictures are too big and other reasons. If we manually process them one by one, a lot of time will be wasted. Friends who open a store on Taobao will use many pictures every day, and they usually use batch processing software assistants.

SignPics is a tool software that can help you process images quickly and in large quantities.

Picture processing skills


A simple digital photo post-retouching

1Open Picture, perform color image/saturation (-40) to reduce the saturation.

2 Create a new layer, change the layer mode to soft light, and use the brush tool to draw the parts that need to be retouched a few times. Here you can use the color palette to easily extract colors

3The color transition of the picture is not soft enough, and then perform the Gaussian blur (+85) under the filter


Simple handling of underexposure p>

1 Open the picture, copy the background layer, and change the mode of the background layer to filter color

2 Adjust the color level of the background layer

Plmm art photo


Get the Plmm art photos in 30 seconds

1 Open the picture and copy the background layer twice

2 Make Gaussian blur on the copy background layer 1 (Radius 4~6), change the mode of copying background layer 2 to strong light

3 create a new layer and fill in the pattern (pre-made and defined half-gray half-white horizontal stripe pattern) , Set the blending mode to Multiply Bottom

Image Dislocation Effect

1 Open the picture, create a new layer, select View-Ruler, select the move tool, and drag from the top and bottom respectively Draw out two blue marking lines (9 grids)

2 Use the rectangle selection tool to fill the grids (1, 9 dark gray, 5, 7 black, 3 light gray), save in psd format, and then Close the file

3 Perform filter-distortion-displacement, select the psd file you just saved

Remarks ("Displacement filter" uses the color value of the displacement map to shift the selection: White (tone value = 0) is the maximum negative displacement, that is, the corresponding pixels of the image to be processed are moved to the left and upward; black (tone value = 255) is the maximum positive displacement, that is, the corresponding pixels in the image are moved to the right And move down; gray (tone value=128) does not produce displacement)

Photo shading effect

1 Open the picture, execute select-select all, then edit-copy, build A new channel, edit-paste, paste the copied image into the new channel]

2 Perform image-adjust-invert image, return to RGB channel, edit-clear, delete original image


3 Perform selection-load selection, call new channel, perform editing-fill (required color)

PS rendering

PS rendering photo atmosphere (landscape )

1 Image-Adjustment-Level (RGB+29, 1.0, +234)

2 Execute the hue/saturation command (full image-14, +41, -1).

3 Continue to execute hue/saturation (red, hue value decreases, saturation increases).

4 Continue to execute hue/saturation (yellow, -22, +45, -1

5 Continue to execute hue/saturation (green, +15, 0, 0)

6 adjust brightness/contrast (brightness decrease/contrast increase) )

Eight Tips Secret Skills

Photoshop Eight Tips

Secret Skill 1: When you need to quickly hide the toolbar and multiple floating panels, click the close button on the panel one by one, and then It is inconvenient to open it again when it is used. In fact, you can press the "Shift" and "Tab" keys on the keyboard at the same time, so that the floating panel will be hidden immediately and disappear from the screen, and then press the two keys at the same time, the panel will appear again; if you only press the "Tab" key , The toolbar and floating panel will be hidden together, and then press the following key, they will appear at the same time.

Secret Technique 2: In Photoshop, there are many times to modify the value of the setting. Generally, there will be a black triangle on the other side of the value box. Click on it and a sliding ruler will appear. Drag the ruler to modify the value, but sometimes it is not very accurate. At this time, you can press the down arrow key on the keyboard (each time you press the value plus one) and the up arrow key (each time you press the value minus one) to accurately adjust the value. If you hold down the "Shift" key, then each press means that the value is increased or minus ten.

Trick 3: When you are using the brush tool and want to adjust the opacity, you have to open the setting box, which is very troublesome. At this time, you can directly press the number keys on the keyboard to set. For example, when you press the "0" key, the opacity is 100%. The "1" key is 10%. Press "4" and then "5", then the opacity will be 45%, and so on.

Secret technique four: When we want to copy the selected object in the file, we must use the copy command in the edit menu. You may not find it troublesome to copy once, but if you need to copy multiple times, one click will be inconvenient. At this time, you can first use the selection tool to select the object, then click the move tool, and hold down "Alt" to see it. When the cursor turns into two overlapping arrows, one black and one white, just drag the mouse to the desired position. If you want to copy multiple times, just relax the mouse repeatedly.

Secret Technique 5: When we need multiple selections, we can first select the area in the file with the selection tool, and draw a selection box; then press and hold the "Alt" key, when the cursor becomes When there is a "+" sign with a small "-" in the lower right corner (this means to reduce the selected area or pixels), pull out the second frame inside the first frame; then press and hold the "Shift" key, When the cursor becomes a big "+" sign with a small "+" in the lower right corner, pull out the third selection box inside the second box, so that the two can be used in turn, and multi-layer selection can be made . Using this method, you can also choose irregular objects, so you can experience it by yourself.

Secret Technique 6: When we edit a picture file, sometimes we need to remove the picture color outside the selected object. At this time, you can press the "Delete" key on the keyboard, and the outside of the selection area will become the background color or Transparent, it depends on the background content you set.

Secret Technique 7: Remove the moiré pattern in the scanned image. Due to printing reasons, the pictures we input into the computer by scanning will have some moiré patterns. If processing on this basis, it will affect the future results. At this time, you can first use the "Despeckle" in the "Noise" filter to process, then the picture will become slightly blurred; then use the "SharpenEdge" in the "Sharpen" filter (note that the setting value should be smaller) before processing In one click, you're done, and even if you use the magnifying tool to observe, the moiré pattern will not appear.

Secret Technique 8: After we have used Photoshop for a period of time, a large number of pictures and video files have been stored in the folder. When you want to call a file that has not been used for a long time and forget its file name, you need to open the files in the folder one by one to find it, which is too troublesome. I have a simple method: there is a ContactSheet command in Automate under the File menu of Photoshop, which can create a small thumbnail for each file in the folder and store it in an image file, which is convenient for future retrieval And check it out, saving you and me precious time.

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