Physical resolution

Basic Concept

Physical Resolution: The best resolution of the display, that is, the number of pixel rows actually exists in the screen multiplied by the number of mathematical expressions, which is the display. , Cannot be adjusted, the meaning of the display is the maximum number of pixels that can be displayed.

Physical resolution is also called a standard resolution, refers to the original resolution of the image displayed by the LED display, and is also a real resolution. And physical resolution correspond to compression resolution, determine whether the image clear is physical resolution, determines the application range of the display screen is compressed resolution. The physical resolution is the actual resolution of the LED liquid crystal panel, and is divided by a mesh on the LD liquid crystal panel, and a liquid crystal is a pixel point. Then, when the output resolution is 1024 × 768, it means that 1024 pixel points are divided on the horizontal direction of the LED liquid crystal panel, and 768 pixel points are divided vertically. The higher the physical resolution, the greater the range of the resolution, and the wider the display of the display screen. The grade of the LED display is usually evaluated by physical resolution.

It is easy to confuse the size of the

to directly determine the clarity of the LCD TV. Many vendors and merchants will give the flat-panel TV to the words of 1080p or even 1200p, and even more, it is more supported by support, even more misleading consumers. Therefore, consumers must recognize the difference between the actual resolution and the compatible signal input when purchasing.


What is compatible? It is the signal that can be output. For example, a LCD TV having a physical resolution is 1366 * 768, a signal compatible with 1080P, that is, 1080p signal TV can be received, but only the physical resolution of the LCD TV is output. Only LCD TVs with a physical resolution reaches 1920 * 1080, really supports 1080P signal output. In fact, always, regardless of whether it is compatible or incompatible, what is important is what kind of picture, this is the most attention to consumers.

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