Photo in electronic format

Collection criteria

The registration requirements for civil service examinations are (recent headless front ID photo, jpg format, width 1-2 cm, height 2-3 cm, (The size is less than 20KB)

I. Photo file saving requirements

The electronic information of the photo is a color image, stored in the form of one image file for one person, and the image file uses the personal ID number (soldier Named using the noncommissioned officer’s certificate number), the format is "****.jpg", where "****" is the ID number (18 or 15 digits) or noncommissioned officer’s certificate number, and "jpg" is the image file format p>

Second, background requirements

Uniform blue, output blue color value (RGB or CMYK): R51 G143 B178 C80 M13 Y20 K3

3. Lighting requirements< /p>

It is equipped with two tri-primary soft lights (cold light source, color temperature of 5600K), two lamp holders, 12 matching lamps, matching cables (6 meters × 2) and 2 sets of plugs. The height of the lighting fixtures is the same height as the shoulders of the person being photographed, and the angle is 45 degrees on the left and right sides.

4. Digital camera requirements

The pixels are no less than 4 million, the highest resolution (dpi): 2048, the standard storage capacity (MB): 16MB, the optical zoom factor: 4 . The aperture is F8; the shutter is 125/sec. The upper and lower imaging area requires 1/10 of the head space, 7/10 for the head, 1/5 for the shoulders, and 1/10 for the left and right sides.

V. Technical requirements for photo processing

Brightness control: input value 145, output value 110

Picture size (pixel) width: 150, height: 210< /p>

Size: ≤10K, Format: JPG

The total area of ​​the imaging area is 48mmX33mm; the head width is 21mm-24mm; the head length is 28mm-33mm; the lower forehead to the top of the head is 25mm-35mm; the image length 35mmX45mm

The clothing of the subject: white or light color

6. Post-processing software and hardware requirements

Pentium IV 1.4G or higher PC, Mac, Graphics workstation

Graphics card with 8-16M or more video memory

256M or more memory

40G or more hard disk

Windows2000 operating system

Photoshop6.0 processing software

ACDsee4.0 or faster graphics browser

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