"Personist" as a philosophical theoretical system, formed in the end of the 19th century, with the United States as the center, the main founder is the American philosopher BP Bowen, representing RT Epper Luelin, ES Bryman and We Hawkin and others. The representative of France in the 1930s was E. Muniele and J. Luckwa. There are also representatives in other countries in Western countries, but the impact is not affected. Different representatives of personalityism have their own theoretical features, and the common point is: the self-contained personality, the personality is the primary existence, the whole world has been significant for people related to people; personalities are self-created and self-controlling power freedom Will; human understanding is determined by personality, understanding can only be intuitive, can not rely on concept and reasoning; God is ideal and destination for every limited personality; personality is a moral entity, there is a good and evil , The conflict of different values ​​such as beauty and ugliness, this conflict is the root of all social conflicts, the key to solving social problems is to believe in God to mediate internal conflicts of personality.

The main theory

Personist is: "personality" has pure spirituality. The spiritual traits it showed, refers to the characteristics of self-consciousness, subjective awareness, and inherent destination. As an independent spirit entity, "personality" is the spiritual power of the creator's external world. At the same time, the personality is incorporated into the personality system with the highest dominant personality, and the results of Leibniz's monoism and the absolute ideal idealism of Leibnitz. . Personists say that they are "knownists", exaggerating the role of experience in understanding, and turning the ability of the subject into the creation of the subject. In the historical view of society, they emphasize social historical role, but the internal spiritual conflict is regarded as the only way to solve social history. After World War II, because Europe and American philosophy is divided into scientificism and pedigrenic camp, the influence and development of personalityism are growing weak, but in the field of religious, cultural fields, their thoughts are still playing.

Main concepts

Personist and there is no systematic ideological system. Its main point of view is scattered in the writings representing the characters of each personalityist. These characters, mainly in Britain, France, Germany, and the United States.

in the United Kingdom, McTaika and Warde; in France, there is Renovi Leaf and Sheng Neier; in Germany, the source of personality is the source of Personists is Leibnitz and Luo, and Life philosophy with Personists have O'Ican.

The country with the most affected personality is the United States, first introduces Bowen, he represents the first generation of American personist philosophical ideas, and its main work is "form and go to school" and "personalityism". The second-generation American personist representative is Fluin, and Bown's student Bretman. In addition, the more affected personistist is Hoyason, Burtus, Hawk, Wellrkamus.


Personality has no rigorous and unified theoretical system, but there is a common feature in some basic theoretical perspectives:

1 people Self, personality, ie human thoughts and morality, as an independent first sexual entity, create a spiritual base source in the external world. But the personal personality is a limited personality. The real world is a system of countless single limited personality; God is an unlimited highest personality, is the founder of all existences and limited personality, and is coordinated and dominates world personality system. development of.

2 The process of understanding the inside of the main body, turning the ability to understand the subject into the pure creation of the main body. It is believed that the subject is created by the subject, and people can only know the objects created by themselves.

3 The argumentation of religion and scientific obedience as its main task. But often hit scientific signboards, reconcile science and religion, and science should be scientifically to study the world of religion.

4 The objective law of social history, putting the conflict of different values ​​such as the goodness and evil, beauty and ugliness, etc. of personality, and the only way to solve the unique way is Personality training and perfect, and this must believe in God.

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