Persistent dermatitis

Diagnostic Points

The conditions for the diagnosis of heterogeneous dermatitis must meet the following conditions or above:

1. Skin itch

2. Eczema skin inflammatory or urbanized dermatitis, while lesion meets position

3. Continuous chronic or repetitive skin inflammation is more than six months

4. Individual or family has an ectopic body


Although medical science is still unable to learn on the pathogenesis, it is found to be determined by most clinical studies:

1. Dermatic layers of skin keratini, resulting in a large loss of moisture in the skin, and penetrate allergens and chemicals to penetrate the skin, resulting in allergies or inflammation responses in the skin

2. Skin Lipid variation, so that fats are inadequate and thin, so that the abnormal fatty acid metabolism is abnormal and the adhesive neonatal neutral neutral neutral cells (en: Ceramide), the skin changes, dry and concurrent symptoms

3. Immune dysfunction, allergy is easy to penetrate the skin to initiate the immune response

Clinical stages

At present, the medical clinical will be divided into three phases: < / p>

1. Infancy: Most patients begin to get on the wrong time, and lasts for about 2 to 3 years; mostly in the cheeks, forehead and scalp appear, common symptoms are dry cold The cheeks become dry, red, peel, but normal around the mouth and the outside of the nose, while the chin also develops the disorder, and severely causes scarring, secretions, peeling of the lips, and this time baby is easy to disorder The stimulation is uneasy, it is not easy to fall asleep; but is different from diaper rash, the bag of the diapers will usually do not attack. About 50% of patients can be cured before the age of two, but the rest will continue to the childhood.

2. Childhood: This period will "claw" or "moss" causes gray brown dandruff, thick skin, rough and deep skin texture or melanin precipitation, mainly in hand elbow socket , The neck of the knee and the hand feet and the symmetrical distribution, the close-coated affected part causes friction to aggravate the condition, or the child will deteriorate the symptoms due to itching, and even a vicious circle: "Itching itching The more you catch, the more itchy! ";, Cold, hot, dry air, emotion, stimulation of pressure ... will also increase the condition, etc., if it is dry and lower, after the degree, it will be broken, Wet, scarred. Most diseases can be gradually healed before the age of 12, and the very few patients will continue to the third phase.

3. Adults: If the previous two continues, then it is usually in adolescence, may be the change of hormones or adolescent pressure; mostly chronic eczemic conditions, good to elbow Wo, knee, neck, front chest, wrist, footprints ..., generally, patients should be cured before and after 30 years old.

Ectopic body

Clinical diagnosis of ectopic dermatitis will usually use a vision to determine whether the patient is also doomic body : < / P>

1. Dermatitis of the flexion of the limbs;

2. Hand producing eczema;

Persistent dermatitis

3. Generate eczema around the eye;

4. Anal and genitals have chronic dermatitis.


is a chronic skin disease, so the treatment process requires a long-term patient cooperation, with the physician treatment; generally specifically use steroid ointment and itching Anti-tissue amine oral medication, if there is an infection, use antibiotics, and a very few acute severe severity can quickly improve symptoms, but the side effects must be used by the physician.

Children who have repeatedly episodes, it is recommended to perform further 'specific IgE antibodies, allergic skin tests (acupuncture checks), picking tests, etc., can find allergens early as prevention .

At present, the new generation of drug main components EN: TACROLIMUS, selectively inhibit the function of immunocytocytes synthesized cytotrophone, and changes the surface antigen of inflammatory cells, but does not affect fibroblast synthesis collagen The ability, therefore significantly reducing side effects, the effect is relatively slow, there will be slight burning, stunning feeling in the early stage of the drug, there will be disappeared in a short period of time, and if the drug is controlled, there is no systemic side effect, but this ingredient is forbidden It is necessary to avoid sunlight or ultraviolet irradiation during infective skin lesions.


Tasting will propose recommendations for patients to improve the condition, but in principle, it is to avoid stimulation, away from pathogens, reduce skin damage:

Decrease the nail to avoid unintentional scratching, causing severe damage to the skin

to avoid excessive bathing and less soap or contain soap alkali, fragrance cleaner, to avoid the loss of the skin, Natural plant components (such as ultra-concentrated sunflower oil) can be used to maintain skin lipids.

Using warm water toilet, avoid cleaner and laundry, and should be washed without removing the skin.

After bathing and dry cold, it can be applied to the moisturizer without stimulating (pharmacy, flavor, preservative)

away from the perfume, fragrance, mosquito coil, camphor pill, pesticide Wearing cotton clothing or odor

to avoid wearing easy to stimulate wool, nylon material.

The selection of the quilt can be used in silk or chemical material.

Avoid the rough clothing, tighten, causing friction stimulus to aggravate the condition.

Keep cool when he is cool to avoid sweating and the sun directly irradiate, sweat and sunshine will stimulate the skin.

Avoid contact with animals (pets) dandruff, hair, and excrement contact, such objects contain a large amount of easy to stimulate the pathogen.

Whether it is small carpet, straw tatami, away from the plush toy, so as not to sterilize the sick.

replace the thick curtains to blinds, dust is prone to pitches on the thick curtain.

The surrounding humidity is maintained between 50 and 65%, while avoiding the temperature difference, the patient is very easy to attack due to excessive sensitivity.

Reduce mold growth using air filters and regularly replace the filter.

Wash the bedding per week, reducing the number of colonies.

often cleaning the environment to reduce dust, reducing stimulating.

Non-smoking and away from second-hand smoke, chemical substances contained in smoke are the enemy of the immune system in the body.

Some patients avoid edible milk, eggs, fish, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, and a few patients are allergic to food allergies.

Reduce emotional fluctuations and mental stress, which proven negative emotions and mental stress cause endocrine disorders.

The skin wound must be taken carefully to avoid infection.

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