Persian New Year


When New Year's bell sounded, usually furnished at the table are seven items: Sir garlic, Sanjed angustifolia, Serke vinegar, Sib apples, Samag sumac, Sabzeh green Barley, Samunu sweets made from malt and flour.

in Iran, celebrating the New Year is celebrating the arrival of spring. Often in late March in the Gregorian calendar. To celebrate the New Year week. People took to the streets students from the "bonfire" is also called "Night Fire" and then turn the whole family on the "Night Fire" jumping expressed burned bad luck, and see the bright, Chubing evil, happiness forever. Iran's New Year's Eve to eat seven dishes, each dish must name beginning with "S", it represents good luck. Started the third people visiting friends and relatives. Each other Happy New Year. The last day of the New Year, the entire family outing to the provision of evil.


The earliest historical records about the Iranian New Year, the first dynasty 2,500 years ago found in the ancient Persian empire - Achaemenid dynasty, but what comes from the Iranian New Year when, probably can not be verified in the. According to historical records, residents of Mesopotamia 3,000 years ago has been generally the "Nowruz" as the New Year to celebrate the twenty century BC by the Babylonians and Elamites had to celebrate "Nowruz" in various forms .


In the old Persian New Year last Wednesday night, to hold jump "Good Fire 'activities in preparation for the coming of the New Year. When night had just landed, you see the streets lit a bonfire heaps. The whole family around the fire, arcing started in Lang Lang laughter. Young man led the way, the Pentium crossed; Titaiqingying teenager, dancing, and floated transit; the old man slowly walk through the curl Yuyan; human population recited: "Yellow (refer pale and thin, weak body wilt) to you; red (referring to ruddy , athletic) to me "; pray in the new year disease-free without disaster, always maintain health. Jump "Good Fire" after the young girls wrapped in a veil in twos and threes, go hand in hand, rim shots silver spoon, side sing songs, go to visit neighborhood homes to obtain candy, called "for luck." They also stand in the shadow or the street corner conversations overheard passers-by, and heard with the first sentence Bosuan their good and bad the next year.

New Year's Eve


Iran's New Year's Eve, it must put seven kinds of goods to Persian letter "S" on Iran at the beginning of each speaker table, to show good luck. The seven items are angustifolia, garlic, vinegar, apples, sumac, green malt barley grass and sweets, flour made. Apple is a paradise for fruit, a symbol of the birth; garlic on behalf of health; gold and silver coins represents wealth; barley grass or a symbol of vitality and freshness; vinegar representatives patience; sweet spices and maltose on behalf of life; and because angustifolia very fragrant flowers, a symbol of love. In addition to these seven types of things that will be put on the table eggs, mirrors, candles and goldfish. Egg on behalf of race, mirrors and candles have a bright meaning. In addition In addition, the table also stood "Koran", candles, rose perfume, mirrors, painted the color of the eggs, coins and a small goldfish tank. Studded with spring flowers vase and hyacinth, dried fruits and desserts are also part of the seven kinds of ornaments mascot. These items is a sign of good fortune and happy. When the annual New Year occasion all family members sitting in front of a table placed seven mascot according to ancient traditions and beliefs. Family members in the New Year after reading prayers to recite the "Koran." Then elderly family with money or gifts as gifts to family members. Since then the family in a pleasant atmosphere CCP into the dessert on the arrival of the New Year to each other to extend my blessing.


started the third, family visits, Happy spring festival. The owner took out a variety of delicious desserts and dried fruits, in honor of the guests. The main feast or sit beside the samovar tea, chat, or around a flood pipe smoking, to celebrate a really good time.


outing is "Nowruz" in the final event. Iranians that "13" is an unlucky number, so the first month on the 13th one family trips hikers to avoid evil, the size of the park and green, tourists clouds, people enjoy the beauty of nature, away.

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