Pepper rabbit

Cuisine Introduction

The pepper is developed on the basis of common pretzers, and it is appropriately added to the material compared to the vintage premoded salt. (It will be made into a fine mixer), making it characterized by the original "magazine and salty" to "ambient rich, salty". Based on the original basis, it has complemented the shortcomings of the taste, thereby avoiding all kinds of fried vegetables for freshness in raw materials, and dissenting dishes at high temperatures.

Need to note when modulating the flavor dishes is: Qing numbness is often used in hot vegetables in the pyreen vegetables, or all kinds of raw materials are mixed in cold dishes, and often with different degrees of sweetness. Acid and sour.

Its "hemp" and "fragrance" mainly derived from various quality dried peppers, peppers, peppers, and pepper, pepper oil, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper Powder and pepper and so on.

dishes Characteristics

into the color of the vegetable color, the exoction, soft, crispy spicy.

The taste is mainly reflected in: the fragrance is refreshing, and the salty, sometimes it can be slightly brought back to sweet, tonic, or sour. Slim numbness.

Production materials

Ingredients: rabbit meat 300 grams

ingredient: Egg 100 gram Wheat flour 50 grams

seasoning: Peanut oil 30 Krilla oil 5 grams of fine wine 10 grams pepper 4 grams of starch (corn) 5 g salt 3 g of taste 2 grams of green onion 5 grams The right amount

Production step

1. Wash the rabbit meat Net, remove the fascia, the flap is 3 cm long, 2 cm wide, 0.3 cm thick ", add wine, MSG, salt, mix well;

2. Flour, egg Liquid, starch is mixed into a paste, put it into the rabbit tablets;

3. The wok is burned to 60% heat, and the rabbit meat is blown to the surface, and the oil is removed;

4. The oil is burned in the pot, and the rabbit meat, the green onion, the pepper powder is stirred, and the sesame oil is discharged.

Because the rabbit meat needs to be fried, it is necessary to prepare 300 grams of peanut oil, consumption of about 30 grams.

Eating should be

The general population can eat

1. Suitable for the elderly, women, and the ideal of obese people and liver disease, cardiopathy, diabetes patients Meat;

2. Pregnant women and menstrual women, women with obvious yang deficiency symptoms, the spleen and stomach is not suitable for consumption.

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