People can be 尧舜

Works Original

Cao Xing 1 asked: "People can be 尧舜, are there?"

Mencius: "Ran."

"Walking the Wen Wang ten feet, nine feet, now paying nine foots 4 inch 2, food, how can it, how can it?"

: "What is 3? It's already a good thing. Some people have this, the power can not win a young 4, it is powerless; today, a hundred flames 5, it is powerful. However, it is also a wo. The lady is not affected by the suffering? Fu Yi ear. After Xu Xing, the elderly 7th younger brother 8, the patent leader is not a brother. Fu Xu Xun, is it? It is not. 尧 道, filial piety ⑨ ⑨ 矣. 服 尧 服 服 诵 尧 尧 行 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣 矣>

: "Give it in Zou Jun, you can go to the venue, willing to stay in the industry,"

: "If the husband is great, if you are unreasonable? Ear. Son, there is a retreat. "

Work Note

1 Cao Xing: Zhao Disappointment believes that Cao Jun's brother, a name delivery. But Mencius's era Cao Guo has died, so it is not exact.

2 is long: After: After .....

③ Xi has: He has, how will.

4 a chick: a chicken.

5: The ancient weight unit, one thirty pound.

6 Used: the ancient legendary Shergez.

7 elder: older people.

People can be 尧舜

8 youth: order, level, refer to respect for the elderly.

⑨ filial piety: filial piety, respect the brothers, the brother: "悌" ancient characters, Shun Jing brothers

⑩ ⑩ ⑩ 受 业 业 业:;;;;;;;;; Industrial, refers to the disciple of Cao Jiao Meng Mencius.

is also the same: for, do or make

尧 尧 尧: first service, wear

works translation

Cao believes: "Everyone can do the sages like it, have this statement?"

Mencius said: "Yes."

Cao Dao said: "I heard that the Wen Wang is a high feet, the soup is nine feet. Now I have a much higher than 9 foots, but I will only eat, how do you do it?"

Mencius said: "This is What is difficult? As long as you do it. If someone, he thought he didn't even have a chicken, and he was a person without strength. If someone said that he can raise three thousand pounds, then he It is a very powerful person. The same truth, the weight of the wurning, is also the Used. Is there anything that can't be competent? Just don't do it. For example, take a little slow Let the elders are called 悌 after the elder; go a little, grab it before the elder, is not awkward. Is it a little less than people can't do it? Don't do it, just the way is filial. You wear clothes, say words, do things, you are 尧. You wear the clothes, what to say, what you are doing, you are 桀. "

Cao Xing said: "I am going to meet Zou Jun, take a place to stay in your door, I am willing to do a student under your door."

Mencius said: "Is it like a big road? Is it difficult to understand? I am afraid that people don't want to seek. You go back to seek, your teacher is very much. "

Reading Appreciation

people can be 尧舜.

This is of course rooted in "sexualism" and encourage everyone to be good, all can have a proposition.

It is a key to "not" "not" problem. That is, "the King Hui of Liang," which said, "to rely on the North Sea super Tarzan," and "for the elderly broken branches" of the problem. It is only a transition from the political issue discussed with Liang Huiwei to discuss personal cultivation problems with the average person. Therefore, whether the king has a "no" and "can't", the king has a "no" problem with "no". After realizing this, you can establish our own confidence in our people, start from your own ability, and constantly improve yourself, and eventually become a person who has something.

says it, or opposes people self-defeating, self-purity, and requires self-respect.

This is probably "people can be the" people ".

Mencius's core view; also is it, or is it? Not too.


"People can be" Mencius "from" Mencius ".

"Menci" is a compilation of Mencius, and it is written together by Mencius and its disciples. Jun Hei, the Confucian classic work of the people of the people, and the political action. Mencius used to follow Confucius and lead the disciples around the country. However, it was not accepted by countries at that time, retreat with the disciples together. "Mencius" has seven passions: "Liang Huiwang" up and down; "Gong Sun ug" up and down; "Teng Wengong"; "Leaves" up and down; "Vantime"; "Not" up and down. Its student said that he had sex, proposes "benevolence", "Wang Dao", and mains. When the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Xi "Menci" and the "Analects of Confucius", "Doctrine", "Multi-Book", "Menci" is the most important one of the four books in the four books. More than 35,000 words. From then on until the late late, "four books" has always been the content of the imperial examination.

Author About

Mencius (first 372 - 289 years), name, word (waiting, a word car or child). The Warring States Period Ruoyu, Lu Guoqing father descendants. A famous ancient Chinese thinker and educator Confucius representative of the Warring States period. There is a book with "Mencius". Mencius inherited and carried forward the idea of ​​ Confucius , became the first generation of Confucian masters that were second only to Confucius, and "Yadheng" is known as "Confucius". Mencius's article is a smack, and the momentum is full of argument, the logic is strict, and the sharp wit, represents the highest peak of traditional prose writing. Mencius proposed sex on humanity, ie "the beginning of humanity, good character."

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