Peng Gren "Sin"

Introduction "Crime"

Cozart (Simon family initial generation leader) blood.

Peng Gren

Delitto, Italian is interested in "sin", is the highest secret that only a few Peng Grenadian cadres know. The so-called "sin" is the name of the small bottle passed by the inheritance ceremony of each Peng Gren Leader. It is Peng Gye to leave the memory of the future, in the inheritance ceremony, in the inheritance ceremony. Give your own heirs, with this as his successful inheriting the provell of the Peng Gren Leaders, it is said that the small bottle is seal in the blood of the battle that can't be forgotten.

In the inherited Chinese and Sichun family members, Peng Grene "sin" is the things that belong to Simon family, the bottle is the blood "sin" of the first generation of the Simon, this is the Simon family approaches Peng Gum The ten generations of family, participating in the Peng Grene inheritance ceremony. In order to make Simon nations awakened, Simon family destroyed the inheritance ceremony and snatched "sin". After the initial awakening, the Xunmeng family's ten generation leader Garry is really a person to defeat all the guards, destroy Peng Ge Ring It is necessary to destroy the Peng Grenadian family and let Simon's rise becomes a mafia of Peng Ge, and finally returns to the "Holy Land" waiting for the complete awakening of the ring.

Introduction to the blood of "penalty"

Giotto (Peng Gretiyi).

At the Peng Greu Inheritance, the Member of the Simon's ten generations used "sin" to make Simon norms completely awakened. Simon's current leader Guuri really a person defeated Peng Gum leader in the throne. Ji and his guardians, Peng Gye ring was crushed and led to other people leaving the inheritance. Although the obeys did not win, I hope that the light does not disappear. At this time, a person called Tarbo (from the I will be Peng Gogliration), which is the oldest for Peng Ground. Carvings. He said that the Peng Grene refers to restoration and upgrade, and the blood "penalty" of the preparade's first generation leader and the soul of the Peng Gqui Pets (Tarbo has "penalty", and the specific reason is not known).

After the upgrade, the Peng Gye ring and animal fingers are integrated with each other, and become a new form and have new strength. It is the unique form of the ten generations of family members, named: Peng Gear gear.

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