Character introduction

Per Westerberg, the current speaker of the Swedish Parliament. Born on August 2, 1951, he graduated from the Stockholm Economics in 1974, he is an economist. In 1979, he was elected as a member, and he served as a minister of the industrial minister in the Cabinet Cabinet in Tung Dynasty and Joint Party President in 1991-1994. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Industry and Commission, the Chairman of the Environmental and Agriculture Committee, vice chairman of the Transport Committee, member of the Swedish Parliamentary European Commission. The first deputy director of the Parliament in 2003.


Westerbell is married, there are 4 children.

Elected President

September 17, 2006, Sweden held a parliamentary election, winning the mid-to-right alliance headed by the Gentle Party. Under the leadership of the young leader Frederick Rein Fern Fern, the Wen Party became the winner of this Assembly election and obtained 96 seats in 349 seats in the parliament. A total of 178 seats were obtained in the right and right alliance, and 171 seats were achieved by the Zhongzhi Zhi Zi, which was headed by the Socialist Party.

October 2, the New Parliament of Sweden held the first meeting. All Members were elected as a polls in the Par Westelli Parliors. The primary mission after the election of Westerberg will be to pay attention to the Swedish King Carl Sixteen Gustaff, the report of the king will nominate the Temperature and Joint Party President Lin Feld as the next Swedish government.


September 19, 2010, Sweden held a parliamentary election. From the mild union party, the People's Party, the Middle Party and the Christian Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Democrats have won 173 seats in 349 seats, and the "Red Green Alliance" composed of Socialist Party, the Environmental Party and the left party is only 156 in the new parliament. The seat is 14 seats than the previous parliament. The Swedish Democratic Democratic Democratic Party won 20 seats outside the immigrant attitude.

October 4, Sweden's new parliament held the first meeting, and the Right and Right Four Party Alliance candidates were once again elected the Swedish Parliamentary.

According to the results of the bill, the 349 members of the Swedish Parliament participated in voting, from West Testle, Westerbell, Westerbelle, Sweden, won the support of 194 votes, and smoothly followed the director. This result shows that Westerbelry has also supported the support of the Parliament of the Parliament, but also the first time, but also the first time I entered the Parliament, but also the first time I entered the Parliament.

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