Peanut shells


is the number of peanut shells dynamic DNS service providers and network penetration. We have independently developed software peanut shells and peanut bar, peanut shell boxes and other hardware. No public IP network can be realized within the network through service, support Windows, Linux, raspberry pie, iOS, Android and other operating systems, and can be managed remotely by iPhone, Android phone or APP WeChat. Peanut shells used in OA, ERP, CRM, FTP, SVN, NAS, Web services, video surveillance, WindowsRDP Remote Desktop, online games, small program development and debugging, Taobao customer acquisition systems, remote sensing, mapping, and other industrial applications 4.0.

network mapping method

1, peanut shells into the official website to download and install the latest client.

2, the registration client, scan code or register.

3, after a successful login shell complimentary domain name, after the opening of the activation function within the network penetration.

4, the function within the network through the opening, the lower right corner by the client side, "+", add the network map.

5, a mapping list, fill in the correct IP and port number to build applications under network environment, save, and by generating the "access address", carried out within the external network to access network applications.

Use Introduction

1 to download and install peanut shell client;.

2 registered account and sign peanut shell;.

3 after logging into the client peanut shell, bottom right click "+" configuration access port mapping interface;.

4 for the "external network port" no special requirements, the default is "random port" can, "port network" that require port mapping service port services, such as SSH service port number is 22, Windows remote Desktop port 3389, SQLServer service port number is 1433.

5. To Windows Remote Desktop port mapping, for example, the network port fill in 3389, or select "Windows Remote Desktop" directly "Map Templates" peanut shell will automatically fill in the network host and port information click "save" to get access to external network address and port mapping is complete.

6. The external network environment, peanut shells may be generated by an access address, connected to the remote Windows computer.

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