Peacock open

Behaviors meaning

This behavior is the effect of the sex hormone of the animal itself. When animal growth is developed to a certain period, it is necessary to reproduce their own descendants to continue their races.

Peacock open

Opening Cause

1: Duality . Spring is the season of peculum propagation. As a result, the male peacocks launched its colorful, colorful tail screen, but also made a variety of beautiful dance movements, showing off their beauty to the female peacock, and attract the female peacock. After it is successful, you will have a chick with the female peacock.

2: Protect yourself . On the large tail screen of the peacock, we can see five color Jincui lines, which are scattered with a number of nearly circular "eye spots", which is from intrava, blue, brown, yellow, red Waitage, etc. Once the enemy is coming again, the peacock suddenly opened, and then shakes it "Shasha", and many of the eyes are moving, the enemy is afraid of this "multi-eye monster", nor Rank forwarded.

3: shocked . In the zoo, we often see the peacock open screen, the animal worker believes that the big red greenery, the tourists talk loudly, you can stimulate the peacock, causing their vigilance. At this time, the peacock opens, and it is also a demonstration, defense. Those who pay attention to the various phenomena will notice that when the hunting animal is like an eagle, the rats, the hen will also hurt its feathers and enemy. This action is just a defense reaction. The same is true for open screen movements when peacocks are shocked.


1: It can only be a male peacock that can be opened. It meets the laws of nature, and the peacock is more majestic, and the female is not as possible.

2: Peacock openings for seeking, defense. So, the peacock is open, both a reproductive behavior, and a defense behavior.

3: Peacock opens the most prosperous time in 3-4 months; wild peacock living in Yunnan, my country is also open at this time. At this time it is their breeding season.

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