formerly known as Camillo Borghese; September 17, 1552, was born in Rome, Italy, in May 1605, John, Jianli 11th, Denzen, Paul

Dengji will soon punish the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Naples, because he actually dare to trial the priest to trial the priest. In 1606, the Pope jurisdiction and priest immunity had conflicts in Venice, and the mediation of Laifan West, 1607 parties reached a compromise. At first, the King James Ideated the country to once again swearing loyalty to him. In 1606, Paul's Wushen clearly announced that the Pope is the leader of the Catholic, prohibiting Britain from oath to the king. But because he is fighting with Venice, there is no counseling, and there is no near-step reaction. He strive to keep peace between the Habsburg dynasty and the French Dynasty, Paul attempted again to organize the Crusaders to attack the Osman Empire. Ogsburg and Treaty is the first permanent legal basis of NEONG and Catholic coexistence in German, avoiding this treaty is the most concerned about Paul. Therefore, although the 1618 Ricman Catholic and new teachers disclosed conflict, final development It has been a thirty-year war. He does not support the Catholic army. He does not stick to the dogma on the teachings. He encourages foreign countries in Latin America. He is only a friend, his family is angry, and he specially pets the nephew Makintono Bolko, and stands for Tita. On January 28, 1621, the year was 68 years old. The continuation is the Equity of Gome.

During his tenure, Xuan Jialuo Mei announced that Dharma, Luo Ye San Yi Najue, Ferry Bo Moism, Francis, Shando, Duo.

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