Patrus War

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On the eve of the Battle of Patrus, Athens has suffered serious setbacks due to war. On the one hand, a large number of people gathered in a limited space around the city-state, which triggered a terrible plague. On the other hand, Atthen's overbearing style in the League in Tilo, also caused the question of allies.

But the war will continue, and the Navy of Athens is still in accordance with the practice, guerrillas in the coast of Sparta and its Ally. In the face of this year, the annual Bonnenese is self-parade. The strategy of Spartan thought is to start from the West of Athens. They decided to attack Athens in the western parties in the western parties in the western parties, expanded the Puronnene Alliance in the local influence. By the way, it is universal from the sea road imported from Sicily.

After this attempt is found, the Athens Citizen General Assembly sent the Navy to the Old Welfare Russia. The General Assembly gave him a naval base to the Harbor City, the port city of Collins, Nocartus. The local area has been defeated by Athens to rescue. However, due to the strike of the plague and the consumption of the previous two years of war, the Sands sent by Athens only have 20 ships in the district. There are 170 markers and 30 combatants on each ship. They are about to face, it is to mobilize the entire Bernonnese shipping team that will start from 100 vessels.

Fuyong Russia and his small fleet after arriving in Nocchus, found that the enemy did not appear. Thus, the vessel is dragged into the tent maintenance in the winter of the navigation. The sailors apply asphalt asphalt to each boat and clean up the ship, and repair the sail.

After the winter, the Akanania dispatched the messenger. The Navy in Sparta and other cities have been around the Athens fleet and prepare to take directly Akanania. At the same time, another fleet is also preparing to attack Corinth. So, in order to defend allies, Athens chose to the port to fight. They were fortunate to discover, and a group mainly consists of shipping ships and filling ships. Among them, only a few three-tier battles escort, others are smaller two-maribed paddle boats and 50 paddle boats.

Sparta sailor is not familiar with the situation, and the closeness of the friendly army is not as good as the Athena. And most ships contain soldiers and replenishments, not suitable for flexible mobile seas. Therefore, it can only rely on quantitative advantages, and one car wheel is discharged, and the fast three-tier paddle warfare is in the middle of the circle, and the opportunity to kill from the void. This tactics is the sea version of Spartan Infantry Tactics. After the infantry hides the bunker composed of the transport vehicle, fighting, avoiding the machine's flexible enemy cavalry.

Facing the enemy's hedgehog informant, Athens self-knowledge is very unwise. Their main tactics is to hit the ship with the hiking angle of the ship. Or high speed bridge the enemy ship, will cram in all the boat on one side. Fuji Russia ordered 20 boats around the Bernnnenese to turn circle to make them tired.

In the middle of the night, in a very narrow waters, the ship paddle of different vessels is tapping each other, stirring, and can't move each other. However, Fuji Russia still has no action. After he is in the dawn, he will take advantage of the strong Dongfeng attack from Collins Bay. At dawn, the big wind as scheduled, let the Bernonnect's hull hit each other, and the paddle will be hit by a root in the tapping process. Because the wind is in urgent, the rudder has lost its own role. The password of the generals and curse is completely invalid because of the confusion. Five elite three-tier padders were completely revived in the middle of the surrounding circle.

When the confusion reaches the vertex, the Fuji Russia will order it. 20 flexible three-tier paddle ship, each aligned with the enemy shock of the periphery. After a rushing, the Bernonni Saassa has not allowed the comrades, and the Athenians should run the way. Finally, Athens did not have a warship, but the Bolonnene has 12 warships and 2000 scales being captured.

They are very angry after the defeat is returned to Sparta. The Elder Parliament decided to send a name Brassida and other two generals to rehabilitate the Sparta Navy. Their task is to raise more allies, and drive Athens from the Corinth Waters. This time, they gathered to 77 battleships of the eight allies and assembled near Panomas. There is also the army on the shore response. Athens faces unprecedented challenges and threats.

Despite this, Fuji Russia believes in God's courage. If he is bold, he still chooses to take the brigade to go to the sea, and the number of enemies are hard. His only ally is a few hundred eager to revenge to Sparta. These people are tied in the north bank, ready to kill the enemies and stranded enemy ships.

Force the illegal flagship crucial

After 6-7 days of cooperation training, Spartad's leader's Bernonnect is familiar with each other. The fleet became more and more training, and it formed by the plan to form a maritime array. All the battles are divided into 4 rows, and in accordance with the classic infantry array, the left middle and right strokes are separated.

One morning, Athens discovered that the enemy's fleet is approaching. All battleships are generally advancing like neat infantry arrays. They set up a pair of gestures to go straight to the north shore. At this time, the Athens vessels parked on the beach were not fully prepared to go out. The crew rushed to the battleship, and then he went all possible to screw the sails, and wanted to cut Scotters before the enemy shocked the harbor.

Atthechers arrange the flagship Paralos to the center of the whole team, with a single column column. When they sailed to the left side of the Spartan column, the other party suddenly conducted a tactical mobile phone of the column. All battleships turned left, with a hit angle to align the Athens warship that was saved on the coast. This war method also comes from the Sparters' tradition.

After many sea, Bolonnezi was forced to admit that his own sea battle skills were weaker than Athens. So in the face of the three-tier paddle ship, the only war is to lure the enemy to the narrow sea area. This can limit the maneuver of the Athens Battleship, and then move the battle tactics of the infantry to sea, and the death is entangled, let the heavy controverson settle the battle.

Athens did not react from sudden changes. At the interception of Spartan, 9 Athens warships were forced to strand on the shore. These vessels are forced to close to the coast of the pebbles. In order to avoid capture, the crew is forced to abandon the ship. All sailors came together with soldiers, and went to the nearby hills and woods to take the opportunity to take the vessel.

Athens flagship Paralos has become the final pressure array of warrs in the whole army. The Fosi Russian is a full armor on the warship. His opponent believes that he is about to win the first warming victory since the war, accelerate the chasing footsteps. Sparta General Tim Moch took 20 warships to capture the dazzling flagship of Athens. I am more urgent to directly direct the Spartan flagship, and a horse pursued the front.

In the Athens battleship, the Harbor of Nocapura has formed a barrier, and only the Paralos has not yet entered the port position. General Sparta commanded paddles full speed and step by step. If the Palalos is turned, it will expose the weak flange to the hgyet of the Spartan flagship.

Just when all crew thinks that he is a large limit, the sentinel reports to the Fuci Russia, and there is a trip to the third party to report before the port. So the Fuji Russia decided to use this obstacle to carry out curve counterattacks. He ordered him to make other battleships to act as a bunker, and the shroud of the car is a branch.

Under the whistle and flute, the Athens sailor exhausted the whole body accelerated, and pulled a little distance as possible with the Sibiqi ship. Then suddenly turn, hiding behind a tall cargo ship. The Spartan flagship of the full-speed impact can not stop. They are full of thought that Athenians will be blocked by the trim boat, and then they will be smashed. The result is that they hit the cargo ship. Athens uses valuable time, winding the ship, turned from the prey into hunters.

There is no prominent Spartan flagship, wants to slow down, and refund to a favorable location. But her side wings are inevitably exposed under the hugeness of Athens. After a dull impact, the flesh blurred flesh and blood on the hitting point. The blood and crushed wood began to float in the sea. The heavy refinement on the Spartan ship is struggling to sink into the water too much, and the light infang is barely hugging to survive with the broken wooden block. Athens warship Shang Skitai bow archer and Si Zengjun shooting, then take the opportunity to struggle to survive in the water.

Some Spartan tried to board the battle, but because of the busy foot, it was not successful. The commander fed by Moque, refused to capture according to the unyielding Sparta. When the batt is sinking, use the Pepper to pierce his heart. Seeing the flagship of the flagship and stunned the Bernnenesse shipping in the pursuit. Athens saw the miracle of the commander, and the morale was large. They ranked quickly and sang a war song to the enemy.

Bennenese ship is confusing because the flagship sinks, and in the case of unattended array, it is hit. The Athenians are easily caught in 6 enemy ships. Athens sailors watching on the shore, I also found Mernezian redess to help. In the fierce mear, they will fight against the enemy of the Athens warship to help Athens will take eight warships.

Finally, Bolonnezi worried that Athens arrived, escaped from the bay. But I didn't forget the sour to announce the victory before leaving. As for the true victory of the battle, Athens, the delayed reinforcement fleet shows the trophy and prisoner. They also built a monument in the Apollo Temple of the port and celebrated this incredible reversal.

Differences in Haicai, Double and Lanxiong

The size of the Patrus War is limited, but it can be seen as an embodiment of the Army's strong country and the Navy strong country.

Subarta people holding heavy, I hope everything is in a controlled state. So I took my ten-stranded infantry tactics and moved to the sea. Behind this tactics, Sparta adheres to the traditional folk customs. This kind of civilian style has depends on the status of their wars often in and black offshors. Due to fewer population of Sparta, the economy is not developed, so the national fault tolerance is very low. It is a little accident, and it will be destroyed. Therefore, in a new environment, Spartan people are also used to welcome enemies.

But Sparta neglects a little, the logic of war cannot always be grasped. Most programs will be temporarily invalidated by various variables. In sudden cases, the excellent tactical literacy and the warming skills became a decisive factor.

Athens obviously has a better sailor and navy. They hold naval tactical training every year, and the fleet of the year is accustomed to the renewal of allies. This will not blame them to have a better naval commander and better perceive the changing sea. In the history of the history of Athens - Belikry, this is not a Mercencing and sailor that Sparta can be compared.

The victory of the Patrus war, inspiring the morale of the Athenia, otherwise Athens may announce in the same time. This will not have a bigunding battle in Sicily.

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