Patrayxia An, Rig Gri Le

Performing Arts experience Patrayxia An, Rig Gri Le

Although Nancy has quit the entertainment circle after marrying Ren, Patty has gave himself a famous name with the mother's place. Vissed, and becomes an entertainment actor who performs a very similar performance style and its parents. From a professional perspective, Patty is not interested in politics, although she is well-known because of its ability to attract political attention. Although she claims that she is not concerned about political indifferent, the president of the 1980 father is very active.

Later Patty is dropped in the middle of Patty, and the same rock musician has lived for a while, so it was reprimed as a family rebellion. She opposes Vietnam and adds to the trend of anti-cultural in the 1970s. After the father's election wins, Patty and the family temporarily reunited, but from time to time, the quarrel made them finally didn't be happy, and therefore made a lot of headlines for the excited news. In the two term of Ren, Patty often creates sensibility news. For the social norms expressed in the conversation and the letter to the child, even for her parents, Patty often expressed a contempt.

In 1989, after leaving the White House Back to Calif, Patty is still manufacturing news and conducts some tour television speech and performance activities. One of the reasons for Patty Manufacturing News is that she wrote a book, expressed in the book as a unique view of the child's parents. In 1994, Patty won the public's attention since the Father's president. She took a nude photo for the "Flower Bon". She didn't hang on the picture, only a man's hand stopped her breast.

For his beliefs and Patty who have always been a straight mouth, Patty does not say that the father is elected to her performance career. On the other hand, she denied that she used her father's reputation to promote the development of personal career. Patty said: "Not what I secretly did. I have been trying various roles for many years, and I have received some performance opportunities, and I have been rejected. I used to pay for a rent, I think I am There is a great job. "

Bush and Clinton have replaced Ragan in the history book. Then Patty's efforts and talent can make her go to mature, becoming a person who acts, writers and models, seems to be unlikely to political circles.

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