Party Committee

Main responsibilities

(1) in-depth study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, adhere to the socialist system, basic system, important system, propaganda and implementation of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics The party's route, principles, policies, publicizes and resolutions of the Party Central Committee, Party's superiors and the Organization, give full play to the party organization battle fortress role and party pioneering model, actively and create excellent, unity, organize the party's internal and external cadres and The masses work hard to complete the tasks of this unit.

(2) Promoting "Two Learning One Do" learning education normalization institutionalization, organizing party members to learn the party's innovation theory, learn party line, principles, policies and resolutions, learn the party's basic knowledge and Party history, new Chinese history, reform and opening history, learn the party constitution Party Regulations and national laws and regulations, learning business knowledge and economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization and other knowledge.

(3) Education, management, supervision, and services to party members, strictly organize life, maintenance, and implementation of party discipline, supervise party members to fulfill their obligations, and ensure that party members' rights are not infringed. Supervise party members and other staff strictly abide by national laws and regulations, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, and resolutely struggle with all kinds of violations of laws.

(4) closely contact the masses, often understand the criticism and opinions of the masses to party members, party work, understand the people's appeal, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

(5) education, training and investigation of active molecules requiring into the party, and do a good job in the development of party members.

(6) Do a good job in ideological and political work and ideology, promote the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, cultivate and practice socialist core values.

(7) Assist the Party Group (Party Committee) to manage the organs of grassroots party organizations and group organizations; cooperate with the organizational personnel to investigate, assess and democratic review, the selection and appointment of the cadres of the organ Awards and punishment comments.

(eight) Leadership organs, Communist Youth League, Women's Organization, etc., support these organizations to work independently in accordance with their own regulations.

(nine) leaders directly under the work of the party in accordance with the affiliation of the party organization.

The relationship between the party group

The party's nineteen major is based on the new task of new era, from the height of the development of the party and the national business, targeted "Chinese Communist Party "Credited. These new and revised a summary and wisdom crystallization of the Party Caused Party Party since the 18th National Congress, reflecting the achievements of the party's major theoretical innovation, and requires the whole party to study and implement in-depth implementation.

Among them, Article 48 of Article 48, in accordance with the basic tasks of the Party Group, the "Party Organization of Party Organizations" and the Party Organizations of Leadership and Direct Unit of the Organizations "will be modified in the provisions of the basic tasks of the party. The revision of the new party constitution re-clarified the work responsibility and work positioning of the party group and grassroots party committee, the relationship between party group and government party committee is "guided" to "leaders", the difference between the word, the content is deep.

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