Paris in the twentieth century

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Many writers who have writtenly written by Rusher Verna have mentioned the "20th century Paris", but they are not well enough. For example, he lived in a sleeping city, Charles Lemire, who was in the important biography of him, and organized the list of works left by Conword Verner, "Paris in the 20th Century" Herd the list, and its completion date is earlier than "five weeks on the balloon". Similarly, studying the experts of Ja Nairis Hailin (Cornelis Helling), also published in the "Journal of the Confucian Verner Association", published "20th century The Paris is listed as one of the works of Confucian Versailner.

The whole incident, this has filed, but in 1986, the descendants of Elyzel, Versailner's publisher) found in a bunch of private files, I was sent to Confuciary. · Verna's return letter, the letter, refused to publish the book "20th century Paris". This letter once again confirmed the presence of the novel, although the traces were unknown, because in 1980, the Versailian family donated a stack of manuscripts in Nantes, and did not see the book.

This book is finally found in a safe. That safety deposit box, you think that it is emptied, and Michelle's key has also been lost. The book's reminds of the day, making the work of the writer in integrity, with new faces.

Content Description

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Paris Youth Michel Du Michel Dufrénoy won the Latin Award in 1960. However, at the time, scientific, industrial rapid development, literature, music, art was despised, almost no one studied literary art, and artists couldn't find their jobs. Michel met some artists after graduation, and they finally all because of various reasons, some were forced to go abroad ... Finally, Michel also could not find the right job, in cold Winter fell in the snow.

This book is a predictive novel of Paris in the 1960s. The author has made in 1863, now in the fact that the author has to admire the author's first knowledge. Photocopia, fax machine, international communication network, saving electrotherapy, killing electric chair ... and even express delivery systems, these 20, 21st centuries, at 134 years ago, France's famous writer Confucius Versailner has already present in the "20th Century Paris" book with its precise imagination, meticulous writing.

Works directory

Chapter 1 Education Financial Comprehensive Company

Chapter 2 Paris City Street Pinus

Chapter 3 Absolute Reality Family

Chapter 4, 19th century writer, writing, is difficulty

Chapter 5 Computer and Automatic Security Treasury

Chapter 6 High Station on the top of the Board Ge Songa

Chapter VII Social Three Rice

Chapter 8 Practical Sexuality of New Old Music and Musical Instructor

Chapter 9 Visiting Gran

Chapter 10 April 15, 1961, Sunday, Old Handle Overview of France

Chapter 11, NGNG Harbor

Chapter 12 Ge Songja's view of women

Chapter 13, the 20th century artists still do not hungry bad

fourteenth Zhang Drama Broker Co., Ltd.

Chapter 15 Poor Tast Road

Chapter 16 Power This Devil

Chapter 17 Last Interest

Work analysis

Refused to publish

Piere-Jules Hetzel refused to publish "20th century Paris ", we can't use this to give him the appreciation of outstanding novels. He has a blank part of a manuscript with a pencil in a manuscript of the book. He also clarified his thoughts in a letter from the end of 1863 or at the beginning of the year. The main purpose of writing letters is of course to return. But the blanket of the manuscript is dense, and it seems to also reveal if it is modified, or may be expected to publish. On the other hand, the letter has revealed a resolute negation. Here is not the full copy of Ezel's eyebrow, only a few more meaningful.

Ezel does not leave in the first line, the first line is big, and he does not appreciate the use of a lot of new nouns. The title "Education Financial Comprehensive Company" incurred the following criticism: "Uncomfortable words, very bad, actually in the first. It is like a barrier. With Fourier's taste, The opening of a book should avoid using new names. "

In most of the comments in Ezel, it is clearly indicated that the manuscript of Confuciary Verner is worthless in his eyes:" One chapter is too flat without a climax. "I don't like it at all." For me, these are too gray "," these things are more tragic "," Everything makes people feel heavy, no temperate , Lack of taste. " Publishers are particularly fiercely on the plot of the next. The book is described (theater brokerage company) staff, designated to make a trick, the play is called "Button," but not only shocked the publisher, he even said: "You are cave "This kind of thing. Ezel also noticed that VEREF has used Too many sentence patterns who "he do" to replace "he said", so he will play, Michelle (male people in the book) "has been doing Non-stop.

No commentary suggests that publishers are intended to invite young writers to modify their works, and other eyebrows seem to be expressly refused. "Dear friends, great dialogue is not what you imagine, you wrote to the living image is intentionally put in, and it is totally inconsistent with the situation. This description method may be in the adventure novel of Da Zhongma. It will only be bored here. "" This is just a message from the small newspaper. You express the far less than you think. "What is even:" Your book is the owner of Mi Mihell, just one knows the poem Turkey, can't he do our best to insist on the ideal of the poet? "" Everything is white feat, my criticism and all the species, even I am not interested. "" No, no, this book is not Success, wait for 20 years later, you can pay this theme! You and your Michel want to get married in the age of nine years old. "The last sentence is not in the same language, because Confucian The son of Le Versalna is also called Michelle, and in 19 years old, it will freely care about his parents, and an actress is a wife. Another criticism of Ezel is a needle to see blood: "We can't believe in your forecast today!" This prediction "can't afford the interest of publishers."

The blanks of the manuscript also leaves the annotations of Confucian Verner, attempts to "revise" or "detailed description". These let us have to guess, and the hope of revised and retired after the beginning of the beginning.

However, Ezel's refusal is so firm, so that the Jere Verna finally gave up the published idea.

The relationship with "ideal city"

Confucian Verna is published in 1863, and "20th century" The future novel of this drama in Paris, "Ideal City" ( Une Ville Idéale ) This drama is unique, although both in essentially significant differences. The former's story architecture took place in the 1960s, focusing on the future of the future; the latter is basically a fantastic fairy tale, the author is walking in the hometown of the hometown in 2000, the scene of the goal, is actually mainly Time is compared, and all the deletions in the year of sleeping. It is the work of the municipal councilor in the future. We can say this, Joller Versalna is transferred to other works he believes that it is considerably borrowed after learning the "20th century Paris" unable to publish.

The following is listed in the following:

"20th century Paris"

... rumors full day ... 19 The six second school year should delete the literary school teaching ... Who will care about the fate of Greek and Latin; they can only be used as a few words rooted by modern scientific terms ...

In yesterday, there is another one, you guess how he translated the fourth of the farmer's poem:

Immanis Pecoris Custos ...

...... Deals with a stupid.

"ideal city"

... at least 100 years ago, middle schools at all levels will no longer teach Latin and Greek! Educational only subjects in science, trade and industries!

...... This year's secondary school will test the translation title:

Immanis Pecoris Custos?

The best students in the class have turned to what you heard?

"I have never heard."

"huge fool's detentionet."

"The twentieth century Paris" books in the sixteenth chapter And "Current Circuit Players", "ideal city" also has a chapter of the same topic, and the plot description of the two is different. In the "ideal city", he wrote: "With the help of wire, London, Vienna, Rome, Petersburg and the piano of Beijing can be online with the instrument here." Of course, there is still a year of sleep. Piano, because he wrote in the "20th century Paris": "By magical current, the pianist can make two hundred piano to play synchronize." Face thousands of audiences Music became "shocked sound". The first situation is a long-distance playing, the latter is just a simple musical instrument effect.

There are also two chapters related to music, let the "20th century Paris" and "ideal city" have an intricate relationship, but also cut regulations: uncoordinated type music Replacing the traditional chord, and the number of elevative generated by scientific inspiration is the so-called "carbonic carbonation" in the "20th century Paris"; "Ideal City" also has "Direct Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle Sweet Song" Echo.

(Note: This section is taken from PIERO Gondolo Della Riva as the introduction of the "20th Century Paris" French original. Chinese translation is translated by Cai Mengzhen. Some content is modified and indicated according to the original text of the French

Author's brief introduction

Jules Gabriel Verne, 1828.2.8 ~ 1905.3.24), is a famous French writer in the 19th century, Have known "the father of modern science fantasy novel". VEREFIC is born in 1828 in France, the 1863-long novel "5 weeks on the balloon" officially released, since this is famous, and then start writing careers, until the death of Amia on March 24, 1905.

Confucian Verner wrote five or sixty novels and short novels, dozens of drama and other short stories, poetry, various works. Its representative as "the two thousand miles of the sea", "eighty days around the earth", "five weeks on the balloon". Most of Versailner is included in the topic of "Singular Trip in Known and Unknown World" ( Voyages Extraordinaires Dans Les Mondes Connus et Innus ) series works. Among them, "Children of Grant,", "The Badshe 2 Million" and "Mysterious Island" are called the Versailan trio.

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