Idiom Note

takes: pretending to fill the fake.

Idiom No.

Ming · Wu Chengne "Journey to Journey" twenty-fifth back: "You are gone, but how to tie some willow here, 顶."



interrupted; as predicate, object, attributive;


"Journey to the West" four nine times: "You are monk, it doesn't even reason! You change to a scale of gold, this is a name The sin. "

Qing Wu Jing Wang" Confucian Foreign History "twenty-four times:" Niuhuo is involved in the old career ": 女 儿, 到 到 黄 黄The daughter, and the replacement, how many mixed events.

"Twenty-year Waiter's Status" 一 ○ 回: "And all official dooms, what is the presence, false holiday, is especially true, it is just right. What is the ambition of a surname, how do you not move? "

Zhu Ziqing" classic often talk · Shangshu 3rd ":" The ancient Chinese book "is really bad, not only can no horns, but also Things that have been taken from the replacement.

Judicial explanation

In October 2020, the Criminal Law Amendment (Eleventh) Draft 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee for secondary review. Based on the draft, the top of the top university behavior is intended to be identified as a crime. Some People's Congress Standing Committee, a person, department, local and social public present that the incidents in the society have taken place in the society, seriously damage the interests of others, destroying education fairness and social equity, and should specify as a crime. The National People's Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee have been studied. It is recommended to adopt the above opinions. It will be used to teach the identity of others, and the top-level education enrollment qualifications, the civil servant is qualified, and the employment treatment is specified as a crime. Others are implemented, from rebeling.

February 22, 2021, the 1832th meeting of the Trial Committee of the Supreme People's Court, adopted by the Supreme People's Supreme People's Procuratorate on February 26, 2021 The Supreme People's Procuratorate on Implementation and Its Supplementary Provisions (7) "provisions the crime of crime. On March 1st, "The Criminal Law Amendment (Eleven)" of the People's Republic of China is implemented, and "the top of the crime" is first sentenced.

On April 26, 2021, the draft education law amendments submitted to the National People's Congress Standing Committee Review again. The draft increase regulations, organizes, refers to the qualifications of the mortality or use of others, and it is public officials. It is a public official personnel, and it shall be given according to law; constitute a violation of public security management behavior, and the public security organ shall give public security management penalties according to law; constitute a crime , Pursue criminal responsibility according to law. At the same time, the draft will be disagreement with the identity of the person, and the top of the top school will be ordered to stop the end of the relevant national education examinations. "One year three years or less" is "or less than five years."

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