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This book is to celebrate the President of the Singaporean Senior Society, and the introduction of the 80th birthday of the senior Qi Weiwei, the senior Christmas in the school. The content includes "Indonesia's Ramo Song Drama" "Historical Biography of Hanwen Classical Novels in Vietnam" "The Source and Historical Distribution of Southeast Asian Original" "Indian Religious Culture on Indonesia's Input and Influence" "China Elements in Vietnam Folk Art" "Analysis of the Formation of Relisale Nationalism".


Changes · Challenges - Coping - a rugged road experienced by a scholar

knowing is not far close, Wanli is neighboring - and Wei Weixian PhD's friendship shoulders.

That also talk about variation in literary translation

Indonesia's Ramo dance drama

Indonesia Wow's "India origin"

Indonesian rice origin mythical text type and cultural function of "Golden Yuno" and "Query" cultural poetics analysis

"Golden Yunqi" female image characteristics

Historical biography of Han Wen in Vietnam

Comment on Myanmar's first novel - "The Road of Paradise

From "treasure mirror", the traditional "Burmese classical novel" Poetry "Ramang Legend" in the Philippines

Philippines Ala An, the myth and myth of the Antitake View

Thai Thai "Three Kingdoms" research review

interpretation "Possible Items Bradda Cloud novel idea

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