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Oriental electronic audio-visual publishing house is People's Publishing House sponsored a comprehensive electronic audio-visual publishing house, founded in 2003 by the Press and Publication Administration approval, specializing in educational software products are mainly involved, tools, test products, the central political class files, scholarly works and other categories, while the People's Publishing House and the Oriental Press release part of the management, finance and economics, politics, education books, published more than 200 electronic audio-video products kind.

Press under the software company that focuses on publishing industries and construction information publishing portal construction and internal information systems of the entities that provide management consulting and development services. Since 2002, the company began full access publishing software industry information construction field. Since then, the company under the joint efforts of colleagues, the IT industry, "Moore's Law" has the speed to develop a set of management information systems for the publishing industry published by different entities.

Oriental Press is the People's Publishing House of cards, People's Publishing House was established in December 1, 1950, after the founding of People's Republic of China to create the first national political party and book publishing house, is also the first country Philosophy and Social sciences, a leading integrated publishing house. The establishment of the club by the party and the people's government of the loving care and attention. Chairman Mao Zedong personally wrote for the society of the "People's Publishing House" company name, since then, the five golden characters began as a social standard is widely used in various publications of the club, became the most prominent image of the People's version of the book mark.

The company has developed "Book publishing ERP system", "electronic audio-visual publishing ERP system", "newspaper publishing ERP system" and other large-scale information management systems, but also completed the development of each for publishing a friend used kinds of technology products unit. In addition, the agency also enter new concept of cooperation, and a number of prominent writers strategic cooperation, and pushing his new book, new work, produced a positive response. Such as the introduction of new work Lang and other well-known authors, and have achieved good sales.

main business

Oriental Press Every year, hundreds of books published, and the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries well-known publishing company has long maintained good relations of cooperation. Many Oriental Press books are produced in Chinese mainland market, a strong response, such as:

1 Oriental Press exclusive publishing Lang's work, each of these books, once available, will be most rapid in mainland China authoritative online bookstore - Dangdang in the first place;

2 Japan's "management of the saint," Kazuo Inamori's work, "living law" series in the book market has been established since unshakable position, and has developed a brand ; large

4 management;

3 since the introduction of John Wiley's "great recession" and "big save" off "crisis economics" reading frenzy in times of financial crisis several works Drucker division is growing at a monthly progress gradually to the market;

in addition, the Oriental Press and Booz Allen, Roland Berger, IBM, and other world-renowned consultancy the Boston consulting Group the company established a strategic partnership aimed at advancing towards a professional Oriental Press, international pace.


In addition to publishing books outside the People's Publishing House, has also hosted a variety of journals. Especially in "Xinhua Monthly", "Xinhua Digest" and "People" quite well known in the reader. "Xinhua Report" is a political literature of the large-scale comprehensive monthly and at the same time the birth of the Republic,

It is faithfully recorded nearly half a century of glorious history of the Republic. "Xinhua Digest" is a large-scale integrated, academic, informative monthly, multi-angle, multi-level reflects the vast land of China's cultural and academic prosperity since the Third Plenary Session of the CPC style and process, each received by overseas Fang scholars praise, it has been called "the magazine magazine", "contemporary Chinese cultural and academic information window."

"character" is introduced all kinds of ancient and modern celebrity magazine has been appointed, the drawn rich, tastes, has repeatedly been rated as outstanding in the domestic magazine.


magazine published many times in the country was rated as excellent magazine.


She's built since the People's Publishing House, always shoulder the lofty historic mission, namely: the publication of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory classic original; propaganda of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought and Deng Xiaoping theory and the Party's line, principles, popular books policy; Party and Party building works; scholarly writings politics, philosophy, economics, history, law, culture and international issues, biography and philosophy of social science books, etc. .

For nearly half a century, people's publishing house did not live up to the party and the people, self-made, hard, not afraid of difficulties, the courage to open up, earnestly implement and enforce the publication of the party and the country, and always adhere to the serve socialism, serving the people, has published thousands of books 10000, issued more than two billion books and periodicals, state profits and taxes turned over a billion dollars.

become famous at home and abroad of the national press, it has made an important contribution to the publishing of the Republic. Sanlian period from 1951 to 1986, which is incorporated People's Publishing House bookstore separation, Sanlian Bookstore Publishing House has served as a deck of use, published a number of scholarly works Philosophy and Social Sciences and academic value of the translation, the readers in the prestigious. After 1986, the People's Publishing House and timely establishment of the Oriental Press as part of its deck, is committed to developing quality academic and cultural books, has formed a significant publishing features.

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