Oriental Hope Group

Group Introduction

Oriental hopes to earnestly implement the investment path of scientific development, walking "is good, fast, also province" investment road, is committed to building a circular industry chain, making full use, downstream Resources, turned waste into treasures, gradient utilization, feature of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development showing a strong market competitiveness.

Dongfang wants three major ideas "integrity, righteousness, justice" as the core of corporate culture, to create core competitiveness of enterprises, continuously expand in the field of agriculture and heavy chemical workers, and enter Chinese companies Top 500, became an important force in the economic construction of the motherland, built a higher and larger development platform for the majority of cadres and employees.


I hope the group is the four brothers in Xinjin County, Sichuan Province, responding to the national reform and opening up, I hope that the group will use 1,000 yuan to hatch the chicken, and start to start business, it is eighty A model of private enterprises developed in the early days. The name of "Hope" is taken by the State Council, and the director of the National Science and Technology Commission, Song Jian's inscription on the company: "The revitalization of China's economy hopes to have a socialist entrepreneur." Liu's four brothers have built mainland hopes, Dongfang Hope, Huaxi Hope, new hope four companies.

Products & Services

I hope that the Group's "hope" feed has already become a famous feed brand in my country. The Group's feed sector has 92 subsidiaries of feed-based, involved in bioengineering and other related industries in China, most provinces and municipal autonomous regions and Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries. In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shandong, Henan, Chongqing and other places have large electrolytic aluminum, methanol, dimethyl ether, alumina, thermoelectric, PTA, acetic acid, cement, etc.


● In January 2010, Dongfang hopes to receive the first happy productive corporate social responsibility award in Pudong New Area.

● In April 2009, the Oriental hopes to be rated by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government from 2007-2008 (14th) Shanghai Civilization Unit.

● October 2008, the Oriental hoped to be awarded the "5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake Earthquake Disaster Relief Outstanding Contribution to the Golden Award" by the Shanghai Red Cross Association.

● In February 2008, Dongfang hopes to be rated as "2007 Nonferrous Metal Industry Enterprise Credit Level AAA".

● In January 2008, the "Golden Beans" trademark of the Oriental Hope was rated as a famous trademark of Shanghai.

● In August 2007, Forbes "China Top Enterprise Rankings", the Oriental Hope is ranked fifth.

● In April 2007, the "Golden Beans" brand of the Oriental Hope was named Shanghai famous brand.

● In May 2003, the East hoped to be rated as "2002 Tax Tax Credit Unit" by the Shanghai National Taxation Bureau and Shanghai Local Taxation Bureau.

● In March 2002, Dongfang hopes to be awarded the honorary title of "Application for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Enterprise Support Group".

● January 9, 2020, Hu Lun Research Institute issued the "2019 Hu Run China 500 Private Enterprise", Dongfang Hope Group ranked 90 with a market value of 70 billion yuan.

founder Liu Yongxing

Liu Yongxing, male, born in Xinjin County, Sichuan, 1948. At present, the Chairman of the Group, the Chairman of the Eastern Hope Group, the Honorary President of Shanghai Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, the Standing Committee of the Pudong New Area CPPCC.

Mr. Liu Yongxing is a typical industrialist, managing is steady, pragmatic, and lean. He insisted on the scientific development concept and actively built the Eastern Hope Heavy Chemical Circular Economic Industry Chain. He "excellence" management thinking and "both good, fast, also province" investment concept, guiding the East hope to continue to grow up healthily.

● In 1982, the other three brothers resigned from the public.

● In 1986, Liu's brothers founded a research institute specializing in the research of feed. Two years later, Liu's "hopes" feed test was successful.

● In 1991, Liu's brothers set up hope group and Liu Yongxing in Chengdu. In the past few years, I hope that the Group has become China's largest private enterprise group.

● In 1995, Liu's brothers clarify the privilege, and 13 of Liu Yongxing used the 13 companies that were divided into the Oriental Hope Group, and Chairman.

● In 1999, the Oriental Hope Group Headquarters moved from Chengdu to Shanghai Pudong.

● In 2001, Liu Yongxing and his brothers were rated as the first place in mainland China's most successful businessman in China, known as the famous Financial Magazine of the United States.

● In 2002, Liu Yongxing was rated as "2001cctv China Economic Ten New Year" and "Sohu 2001 Top Ten Finance".

● In September 2003, Liu Yongxing won the "China Glorious Business Medal" due to long-term support of the "old, small, side, poor" region and the central and western economic construction.

● In 2004, Liu Yongxing was rated as "Investment Shandong Excellent Entrepreneur" by the People's Government of Shandong Province.

● In January 2005, Liu Yongxing was named "the People 's 2004 Chinese Private Economic Ten Valents" in 2004.

● In July 2005, Liu Yongxing was named "2005 China's most influential wealth" by "China Fortune Forum 2005".

● In May 2006, Liu Yongxing was rated as "Ten Entrepreneurial Leaders" by "Contemporary Manager" magazine and Peking University Private Economic Research Institute.

● In May 2006, Liu Yongxing was "Charity in Pudong New Area by Shanghai Pudong New Area.

● In August 2006, Liu Yongxing was rated as "China's 25th Matcher Brands" by "Patriots" brand China.

● In December 2007, Liu Yongxing was named "2007 Global Chinese Business" by the World Outstanding Chinese Business Association.

● In April 2008, Liu Yongxing was named the honorary title of "2008 China Fortune Leader" by the World Outstanding Huashang Association.

● In December 2008, Liu Yongxing won the honorary title of "30 rural people in China's reform and opening up."

● In January 2010, Liu Yongxing was elected as Vice Chairman of the 12th Executive Committee of Shanghai Federation.

● In February 2010, Liu Yongxing won the title of "Shanghai's non-public economic people's outstanding Chinese characteristic socialism".

● In May 2010, Liu Yongxing won the title of "2007-2009 Shanghai Labor Model".

● In August 2010, Liu Yongxing was elected as a executive director of the China Glorious Business Council.

● In December 2010, Liu Yongxing was rated as "Friends of Excellent Party Construction in Pudong New Area".

● In November 2011, Liu Yongxing was awarded "Shanghai City to support Dujiangyan City, the title of rebuilding the highlights".

● In May 2012, Liu Yongxing was elected as a member of the Shanghai Industrial and Commerce Chairman.

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