Organizational atmosphere


organizational climate and organizational values ​​and business philosophy have a direct relationship, but also has a direct relationship with the personality of the leader of the organization. In other words, an organization of leaders of the organization have a direct impact on the atmosphere and even decisive role.

such as a personalized outgoing, cheerful leader, he may be more adept at adjusting the atmosphere within the organization, more willing to spend time with subordinates communicate, relatively good at organizing group activities, so that the whole organization is full of easy atmosphere; introverted personality and a leader, he is quite boring, he is more accustomed to think independently, and therefore will become more verbal and lack of expression of the initiative in terms of heart tissue to create an atmosphere of respect, and may make subordinates feel that comparison of leadership may fear.

Organizational atmosphere

organizational climate is an important part of organizational culture, but also organize a cultural construction of important content. As the leader of the organization, the need to create organizational climate is one of its responsibilities, because, well organized atmosphere can inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of the members, on the contrary, a dull atmosphere of the organization not only makes the members feel very depressed, and members of the initiative is not conducive to play.

is an organizational climate can not see, touched something, but what is certain is that organizational climate is evolving in constant communication and interaction between employees, not between people interactive atmosphere does not arise. Limited system in this respect the role, but also up to play a fundamental role in safeguarding. And now, most of the enterprise's internal management system, although not perfect, but more important is the system for various reasons can not be well implemented, which requires full play to the role of people. People are the most important factors in the environment, good organizational climate is created by people.

Construction organizational climate

First , from the system level to determine a clear division of labor between the various departments, jobs. Between departments, whether the smooth cooperation between the positions is an important indicator of good or bad organizational climate, a clear division of labor in order to have good cooperation. Responsibilities of various departments clear, clear authority, does not mean unrelated, all things are things companies are everybody's business. Segregation of duties is merely to say who is going to work program is the concrete implementation of it, so it will not happen passing the buck, pass the buck and so affect the organizational climate occur.

Next , from corporate culture started to improve the passion of employees and create a mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual encouragement, organizational climate of mutual interest, so as to stabilize the emotions, inspire enthusiasm, a common form of work values, and produce together, achieve organizational goals.

again , establish smooth channels of communication, information communication inside organizations exist in two forms: formal communication and informal communication. Informal communication are employees in contact with each other spontaneously formed, characterized by the presence of rumors to information communication network. The prevalence of informal communication too, will have adverse factors affecting organizational climate, severe and even affect the employee's normal working order. Communication is the official organization through the establishment of an effective communication system and information carrier platform, and make it be implemented and ensure smooth, making it among departments to achieve harmonization between employees, mutual understanding and tools to understand.

last , is extraordinary play outstanding leaders and their leadership art.

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