Optical fiber communication network

Content Introduction

"Optical Fiber Communication Network" is closely combined with the development of optical communication, and comprehensive systematically introduces the fiber optic communication network and its main technique. "Optical Fiber Communication Network" includes two major parts, the first part is an introduction to the composition of the optical fiber communication system and its main technique, including fiber structure and transmission characteristics, various active and passive optical devices working principle, and the composition of the optical fiber communication system. And light link related technologies; second part of the development direction of fiber optic communication technology, focus on optical transmission network, optical access network, city optical network, intelligent optical network, full optical communication network, and other fiber optic communication networks technology.

"Optical Communication Network" can be used as a teaching book for electronic, communication and information majors in colleges and universities, as well as reference books for scientific and technicians and managers in related fields.

Book catalog

Chapter 1 Overview of Optical Fiber Communication Network

Chapter 2 Optical Fiber and Optical Device

Chapter 3 Digital Optical Fiber Communication System

Chapter 4 High-speed large capacity fiber optic transmission technology

Chapter 5 Light transfer network

Chapter 6 City Light Network

Chapter 7 Optical Fiber Access Network

Chapter 8 Potating Network Technology

Chapter 9 Intelligent Light Network

Chapter 10 Light Internet Technology

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