Online software service

Saas Introduction

It is with "On-Demand Software", The Application Service Provider (ASP, Application Service Provider), Hosted Software ", HOSTED SOFTWARE (Hosting Software) Similar meaning. It is a model that provides software through the Internet. The vendor deploys the application software to its own server. Customers can use the applications required by the Internet to order the application software services required by the Internet, according to their own actual needs. Pay the fee to the vendor and get the service provided by the manufacturer through the Internet. Users don't have to purchase software, and use web-based software to manage business activities to manage business activities, but also do not need to maintain software, service provider, and maintenance software, software vendors provide Internet applications while providing internet applications to customers. It also provides software offline operations and local data storage, allowing users to use their ordering software and services anytime, anywhere. For many small companies, Saas is the best way to adopt advanced technology, which eliminates the need to purchase, build and maintain infrastructure and applications.

In this mode, customers are no longer spending a large amount of investment in hardware, software, personnel, but only need to spend a certain rental service fee, can enjoy the corresponding hardware via the Internet. , Software and maintenance services, enjoy software usage rights and continuous upgrades, which is the most efficient operation mode of network applications.

SaaS feature

SaaS service model is very different from the traditional sales software permanent license, she is the development trend of future management software, compare traditional service methods Saas has many unique features:

Saas not only reduces or eliminates traditional software authorization fees, but the manufacturer deploys application software on unified servers, eliminating the end user's server hardware, network security Expenditures for equipment and software upgrade maintenance, customers do not need other IT investments other than personal computers and Internet connections to get the required software and services via the Internet. In addition, a large number of new technologies, such as Web Service, provides simpler, flexible, and more practical SaaS.

In addition, SaaS vendors are typically charged according to the software modules leased by the customer, so users can order software application services as needed, and SaaS's suppliers are responsible for the deployment, upgrade and maintain. And traditional management software is usually the buyer needs to pay a considerable fee to formally start.

Saas will have a big development. The latest survey of Think Strategic Research Institute shows that one-third of people have intended to use SaaS in 2006. Since so many people have accepted, Saas has become an important force in the software industry. As long as SaaS quality and credibility can continue to be confirmed, its charm will not resign.

Saas is not only for small and medium-sized enterprises, but all large-scale companies will benefit from SaaS. A new generation of SaaS can use users to test the reliability and applicability of the application in small-scale implementation.

Saa is not only available to CRM, but also slowly uses the needs of almost every management software.

PIECE3, SAAS mode Differences between the traditional model

ERP's enterprise application software, software deployment and implementation is more important than the function of the software itself, in case deployment failed All the investment is almost all whitepex, such a risk is that every business user wants to avoid. The usual ERP, the deployment cycle of the CRM project requires at least two years or more time, while the SaaS mode software project deployment will not exceed 90 days, and users do not need to invest in software licenses and hardware. Traditional software is limited by spatial and locations in use, and must be used on a fixed device, while SaaS mode software items can be used in any way accessible to Internet. The SaaS mode has a great advantage in the software upgrade, service, data security transmission, etc. relative to traditional software.

Online software service

Development trend

SaaS mode is becoming an exciting development trend of application software market. The IDC's research report shows that in 2004, SaaS method has reached $ 4.2 billion in sales. In the next five years, the number will continue to grow at 26% annual complex growth rate, and the entire market will reach $ 7.2 billion in 2008.

In Europe and the United States, the developed region of IT industry, users have begun to give high agreement on SaaS models and have achieved good development. AMR Research has shown a survey report on US users in November 2005 that more than 78% of companies in the United States are currently in use or consider using SaaS services in major vertical industries and different enterprises in the United States. Only 18% of companies have no use of SaaS.

Software Service (Saas) Although China is still a new life that has just been rising, due to the very good growing soil in China, it is currently related to the industry. According to statistics, there are about 12 million SMEs in my country, which is a very large number of software service (SAAS) consumer groups. my country's SMEs have been difficult to inform in issues of IT budget, lack of professional technical support personnel, long decision-making time, etc., the company's information penetration rate has not been high. On the other hand, SMEs are flexible and variable, developing rapid development, and urgent need for IT systems and services to help improve work efficiency, improve management quality, reduce operating costs to enhance their core competitiveness. Soft Service (SaaS) is the best way to solve these contradictions. Users can order corresponding application software services from service providers according to their own applications, and can adjust the service content used in accordance with the changes of enterprise development. It has strong scalability and scalability, and the professional maintenance and technical support required by these applications are also undertaken by the professional professionals.

When the customer has gains huge income through software service (SaaS), it has become a huge potential market for software vendors. Because the previous users who cannot afford software license or have no ability to configure professionals, they have become potential customers. At the same time, software service model can also help manufacturers enhance the competitive advantage of differentiation, reduce development costs and maintenance costs, speed up the rhythm of the market, effectively reduce marketing costs, change their own income mode, improve between customers relation.

Soft Service (SAAS) has a strong appeal to customers or for vendors, will bring a win-win situation between customers and vendors.

Customer Value

SaaS service provider to build all network infrastructure and software, hardware operation platform required for SMEs, and responsible for all pre-implementation, later maintenance Waiting for a series of services, companies do not need to purchase hardware and software, build a machine room, and recruit IT staff, only the previously payable project implementation fee and regular software rental service fees can be enjoyed via the Internet. The service provider guarantees the security and confidentiality of each enterprise data through effective technical measures. The company's SAAS service model is basically no different from the company's self-built information system, but saves a large amount of funds used to purchase IT products, technology and maintenance, and can use water like water like open taps, conveniently use informationization. The system has greatly reduced the threshold and risk of SME informationization. Specifically, SaaS can bring the value of the value:

a) service charges, flexible selection modules, backup, maintenance, security, upgrade

b) Customers more focused on core business

c) Flexible enable and suspend, you can use

d) to order anytime, anywhere, choose more free

e) product Update speed speeds up

f) Market space increase

g) Implement the annual cycle income mode

h) effectively reduce marketing cost

i) Quasi-face-to-face use guidance

j) around the world, 7 * 24 24/7 network service

k) does not require additional professional IT staff

< P> L) greatly reduce the overall cost of customers
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