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Tongtong is a mobile communication business provided by China Telecom for our customers. It adopts advanced wireless access technology to provide customers with convenient, economic, and fast service.

Business features: green mobile phone, low radiation, protect your health; clear voice, no sound; technology lead, facing the future; wireless "concerned", easy to carry.

Fixed phone

includes a normal fixed phone and runs with my line APS.

Ordinary fixed call is suitable for the daily use of home users and individual users, low voice, clear voice, simple application installation process, existing 17909IP phone can effectively save your communication fee.

With my line is a real-time billing, a real-time deduction of a real-time billing, also known as an APS (Advanced Prepay Service).

Broadband service

includes ADSL broadband and fiber broadband, data value-added services, free interconnect card broadband with you.

This page

1, Total tariff: Multiple product tariffs, rates, discount information

2, new installation (installed, bundled new, single : Broadband new installation includes a single broadband, E8 broadband package (bundled fixed-line), E9 broadband package (bundled mobile phone), in general, the choice of bundled methods, integrated tariffs are more useful and affordable.

3, application or renewal prepaid, replacement fee, change package package

4, migration

5, modify the Internet password

6, change business service password

7, stop, copy

8, change bank account

9, change delivery address

10, transfer

11, 96169 Internet access No.

12, free interconnect card

Card user

including ordinary Recharge payment card, 200 card, new 200 insurance card, 200 Tongxiang card, 200 area card, 200 company card, 201 card, new 201 thinking card, 17900 all-around card, 968201 card.

1, recharge pay card

2, ordinary 200 card

3, new 200 insurance card

4,200 with township

5,200 area card

6,200 company card

7, 201 card

8, new 201 thinking card

9,17900 all-around card

10, 968201 card

11,17909 mobile payment card

mobile phone business

< p> Telecom mobile phones have developed with its high-speed 3G network, improved products and services, making it larger. Mobile phone services include:

1, selection number and processing;

2, mobile phone purchase;

3, traffic package purchase

< P> 4, mobile phone recharge

5, points service

Other businesses

including long-distance telephone services (17909 long radius, 96688 long-distance radius, my e home - Family Assistant, 11808 long-distance discounts), number Bailong business, wide-time communication business.

Long-distance telephone service

long-distance telephone business includes: 17909 long radiograph, 96688 long-distance radiograph, 11808 long-distance discount.

My E Home - Family Assistant

You are still worried about the loss of phone book, mobile phone, PDA or even your computer, secretary and others Do you lose contact? Are you still worried that the sudden hassles make the loss caused by the customer?

Simply feel that any phone number you need to store will be stored on the "Communication Assistant" platform, you or your colleagues can pass any fixed calls or mobile phones, and call 88888114 After saying the other party, "Communication Assistant" will automatically dial each other.

Widong Communication

Wide-Le Communication "is a new comprehensive communication software, which is a new comprehensive communication software, which will send and receive SMS, voice call, video Chat, instant messaging, coordination office, online address book, etc., etc., more powerful, easier to use, so you easily enjoy the efficient and convenient communication brought by unified communication.

use wide Le Communication, enjoy easy communication.

Broadband intelligent speeding

Broadband intelligent speeding is a fixed time-long fee broadband speed for Guangdong telecommunications for short-term broadband speeds Service, users can purchase a speed package in Guangdong Telecom online business hall, by opening the corresponding speed control page, you can start speeding and ending speeds at any time, convenient for users to temporarily improve bandwidth and rates during high-speed downloading, HD video, large file transmission It will rapidly improve the work effect.

China Mobile

is China Mobile Communication to provide customers with online self-service platform for business acceptance, marketing promotion, information inquiry. Online business hall is divided into global , Dynamic Zone, Shenzhouxing, Group Customer Zone Self-service Business Hall

Call Service

Call service refers to China Mobile to provide customer-free query, function custom or change, online Payment and other services.

Point plan

China Mobile fully implements user integral planning, realizing user integral query, convertible product query, integral exchange in online business halls. < / p>

Online customer service

Provide business hall inquiry and number home query, you can submit an opinion and suggestion online, online complaints, help you get the information you need, solve the common problem.

Business Handling

Product function and service for online application, customization, change and other operations. Provide partial value-added services and additional business applications and cancellation services.

Short message service < / h3>

Provide self-service single self-written SMS send, group sending SMS, wonderful SMS download, original SMS collection and other functions.

Personal information

provides viewing and modifying personal basic Information about information information, including customer name, communication address, and zip code, email address, contact number, etc.

online selection

provides website selection to buy set card purchase platform, Let you enjoy the door without leaving home, you can enjoy the Global pass selection or the dynamic zone, Shenzhou jacket card is sent to the door service, which does not accept the delivery fee.

online purchase

provides mobile phone purchase Machine marketing offer website purchase platform, you can enjoy mobile phone to send home service.

China Unicom

Unicom online business hall announcement show, Users who purchase card numbers in the network sales channel must upload second generation resident ID cards as required. information. In the logistics distribution link, the user must hold the ID card of my second generation, can't find someone.

Call Query

provides information inquiry services such as the monthly call, monthly bills.

1, bill query

2, detailed query

3, account query

4, points query

< H3> Payment recharge

1, use bank card as mobile phone, netcard, fixed line, broadband, small-lived paid, recharge

2, recharge card is mobile phone, network card , Fixed-line, broadband, small papers, recharge

3, purchase recharge card

business handle

1, new solid, broadband

2, package change

3, password reset

4, password modification

5, points redemption recharge card, insurance card

6, real name registration

7, traffic package handle

8, international and Taiwan Hong Kong and Macao business handle

Unicom Mall

1,185,186 selection number entry

2, 2G selection network

3, buy iPhone

4, purchase 3G wireless network card

< P> 5, purchase 3G netbook

6, purchase 3G, 4G mobile phone

7, purchase recharge card

new business

1 , Business ordering

2, business unsubscribe

3, has subscribed business query

4, online acceptance record

5, common Question

Hotspot promotion

1, Wo brand release topic

2, mobile phone to go to the country

3, network enthusiast

4, promotion activities

brand product

1, Wo

2, family 1 +

3, broadband business < / p>

4 , Broadband, world

9, 10010

customer service

1, business hall distribution query

2, SMS business hall directive < / P>

3, international roaming query

4, common question Q & A

5, complaint advice

6, 3G network overlay query

7, mobile phone number home query

8, recharge card status query

power system

progress query

Provides a procedure for each business

electricity fee query

provides electricity bills

Archive Query

Provide user-friendly information report

SMS subscription

paid service ,SMS notification Payment

Application Form Download

online account opening table

online acceptance query

Query for account opening, sales house, etc.

service consultation

Query the charging situation

Online complaint report

Report unreasonable charging, service, etc.


is Xinbang logistics to provide customers with business, Marketing promotion, online self-service platform for information query. Customer service is not waiting, fast and convenient, eliminating the hardship of customers and trip. Logistics Online Business Hall - "Check the price, E NAN NANT, let you ship more worry-free."

goods query

< P> The relevant main information content of the customer query, including business information, destination, consignee, expected to reach time, cargo status, etc. Information

online order

Customers can check online, order, etc. Manage

billing query

customer query history delivery payment details

Received goods

Query the proceedings of the receipt of the goods

Sign back

Query check receipt of the proceedings

Claim schedule

Query the information of the customer during delivery

< B> Online investigation

In order to enhance our service level and quality of service, the relevant information is investigated to the customer.

Modify personal information

According to customer needs, you can modify personal information

online customer service

Customer service can provide you with your service online

China Railcom

payment is charged

China Railcom provides online payment to customers Services

Personal Information

Provides users with viewing and modifying personal basic data information

cost query

China Railcom Customer provides a variety of cost-related information

Broadband self-help

provides users with broadband related self-service

business handle

< P> For our product functions and services to apply, customize, change, etc.

points query

China Tietong fully implements user points plan

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