Program Form

"One-click" Innovation in the content and form. On the content, through the mobile phone big data and social group chat, help chase for young girls gradually explore each other, and then face the face to increase emotions and decide whether to hold hands. The whole file is based on internal and heart-based, based on the screen, there are both girls full of love, and there are unknown stimuli brought by "blind". In the form, the program breaks through the traditional "first-see". In the case of the invisible, innovation uses the mobile phone social media. Not only do you pursue a young girl will collide out spark on your mobile phone, but the comments of the Sisters Group will also be presented in the form of a mobile phone "barrage". The whole file uses the most familiar form of the current young people, and analyzes the life concept of the new era of youth. Witnessing the big era with a small love, reflecting the changes in the times, and also passed the correct love concept.

program list

time One-click



No. 1

Dream is public Search < / p>


The sensation of the first love, the male guest live writing in love: "


No. 3

Chasing on the scene, consecutive peers


No. 4

male magic capture girl Fangxin

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